CrossFit Fenway Team Update

The first event of the 2011 Reebok CrossFit Games Open is (finally) in the books.  As things are shaking out our team is looking good.  According to the leader board, we’re currently in 10th place in the Northeast Region, a fine spot to be in as the top 30 teams will qualify for Regionals.

The top 60 women and men will each qualify for Regionals, and some of our teammates are off to a great start, with Stacey in 19th, Haley in 21st, Mary in 82nd, Joe in 10th, and Aaron in 32nd in the Northeast.  Ron’s in 8th in the Northeast men’s 50 to 54 year old division, and Kirby’s also in a good spot, holding down 45th in Northern California.

Whether you’re competing in the Open or not, if you’re in class at CrossFit Fenway, you’re part of the team.  You’re here working hard, encouraging and pushing your teammates.  Cheering and supporting the competitors on game day, helping them get through the remaining 5 weeks.  We started strong, let’s see what comes out of the hopper next, and keep rolling.

March 29, 2011

Front Squat 3-3-3-3-3

7 Rounds:
7 Hang Power Snatches (35kg/25kg)
7 Knees-to-Elbows
7 Burpees

19 thoughts on “CrossFit Fenway Team Update”

  1. I’m so proud of Team CFF and can’t wait to see you guys crush it in the weeks to come!

    FS: 60kg
    WOD: 12:10, 2 rounds RX then 5 at 15kg, when I reminded myself to take it easy on my wrist

  2. Awesome work so far, team! I’m so glad I didn’t end up having to miss seeing you all get after WOD #2.

    My weekend WOD: 26.2 mile run, for time — 4:24:23.

    This was quite a bit slower than the time I’d hoped for when I registered last fall, but overall I’m pleased given that my longest run before Race Day was 16 miles and that I didn’t run regularly over the winter. Last July I struggled to finish 10 miles…definitely couldn’t have done any of this without the incredible CFF crew!

    1. Congratulations! 4:24 is a time that most people dream of! Now that you know what it takes to run 26.2 you’ll be able to put together a race plan to get you to the time you want!

    2. Just finishing 26.2 is a feat in an of itself. Especially since you were potentially battling plantar!

      nice job! we’re all proud of you!

    3. You guys are amazing, thanks so much for the support.

      FS — 42.5kg

      WOD — 15:38 @ 20kg snatches and very marginal K2E

    4. Great job Scrappy. Unbelievable time especially for your very first marathon. You should be as proud of yourself as we all are of you.

  3. First day back after the flu.
    Front squat 50kg & 1 rep at 55kg
    WOD 12:48 (i think…woozy and not 101% sure I did all 7 rounds) modified with 15kg and knees to somewhere other than elbows.
    Happy to be back. Being sick and looking up the WODS everyday is HELL.

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