Constantly Varied Coaches

This time of year many of our day to day schedules are not the norm, maybe even featuring some time off.  This presents an opportunity to try working out at different times, and working with different coaches.  Wednesday we’ve got snatch practice.  Every coach’s methods and cues for teaching this technical lift are at least a little different from one to the next.  Working with a new coach, or one that you haven’t worked with for a while can sometimes help you get over a sticking point in your technique and set a new PR.  For extra practice on the Olympic lifts, and a chance to get instruction from a couple of great coaches many of you haven’t worked with before, check out our upcoming clinics.

December 29, 2010

Strength: Snatch

5 Rounds:
7 Overhead Squats (50kg/35kg)
9 Ring Dips
5 Burpees

CrossFit Fenway will be closed for the New Year this Friday, December 31st

7 thoughts on “Constantly Varied Coaches”

  1. It was a quiet morning – hope you fools will all be in later today!

    Snatch – 40kg x 3 (old 1RM was 40)
    WOD: 10:26 at 35kg and red band on dips
    Extra credit: Back tuck lesson with Stacey!

  2. Didn’t get to post this yesterday. Dropped in my local box for a 20 minute AMRAP…100m run, 12 KB swings (my forearms are bruised!), 7 jumping squats.

    10rds+90m at 12kg. It definitely looked easier on paper. After the squats the run sucked a lot more.

    More importantly- after class I hopped on the pull-up bar and did 10 kipping pull-ups in a row!! Goal achieved.

  3. Front Squat: 105kgx5
    WOD: 11:40 Rx

    95lbs is a manageable OHS for me, but 110lbs is into “heavy” territory. First two rounds were fast and unbroken, then my wrists gave out and it was all downhill from there.

    Also wondering where everyone was today. Working out alone sucks.

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