Congrats to Eric and Erica!

What a weekend!!  The competition was fierce, the workouts were grueling, and the competitors tough.  I was merely a spectator, but was exhausted after cheering for Eric and Erica.  The heart and determination that these two competitors put forth towards every workout was inspiring.  The pain that they pushed through to finish the workouts, the sweat, the mental toughness they harnessed was unparalleled.  They both put forth amazing performances.

Eric stepped up his game this weekend and completed the first three workouts with determination to succeed and succeed he did.  With 110 men competing, only 50 were allowed to move on to the 4th workout.  Eric was one of them.  The fourth workout was atlas stone lifting, sandbag sprints, overhead squats, deadlifts, and burpees, 4 times through.  At this point in the competition fatigue sets in.  The ones that finished this workout in 25 minutes had to push through burning muscles, keep moving when they had nothing left, fight the urge to puke, and never ever even let the thought of giving up enter their heads.  Eric was one of those people.  He finished the workout with minutes to spare, giving it everything he had.  I am so proud of Eric and inspired by his performances.  It is an honor to train and work with you.

Erica came out of no where and showed everyone what she was made of.  She grinded her way through each workout with guts and grit.  Every workout she moved up higher and higher through the competition.  I have never seen someone want something more.  The final workout of the day was true guts and desire to win.  I do not think anyone could have worked harder to finish a wod.  Fatigue was evident, but she gave her body no chance to stop.  Once she started this workout she was not going to stop until she completed the final burpee.  Exhausted and in pain she collapsed on the floor completing the workout in just over 20 minutes.  As I ran over to her, she was smiling.  Now that is why we do Crossfit.  Erica’s performances were unbelievable.  She qualified for Regionals and will be competing again in May for a chance to go to the Games.  I could not be more proud of her.


Skill:  Core work

Strength: Overhead squats 5 x 5

WOD:  5 Rounds

10 Pull Ups

20 Lateral Jumps

30 Sit Ups

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  1. YAY Eric and Erica 🙂

    I was following along with the Twitter feed and got very excited.

    OHS: 22kg

    WOD this morning:
    14:09 including a complete parallette wipe-out, which was kind of fun.
    (pull-ups with purple and red)

  2. Younger Kroon’s Crossfit Story

    It all started with cupcakes. One night Stacey called me up and asked me if I wanted to go with her to this place called crossfit. I had heard her talking about this before and immediately said no. She had explained it to me before as some kind of working out, where you very well may puke afterwards. At the time that sounded like the farthest thing from what sounded appealing to me. But….lucky for her I had had one too many cupcakes that day and was feeling rather fat when I hung up the phone with her. A couple minutes later I called her again and said o hell, why not I am feeling really fat tonight! So that is where Crossfit started for both Stacey and me. Stacey had always been into working out and being extremely fit. But at that point in my life I had been out of a college sport for 2 years and I thought going to the gym for an hour twice a week was me keeping in shape. Wow, was I ever wrong. We arrived at Crossfit Boston and a whole new world was opened up for me. When we first entered this gym one of the biggest guys I had seen in a long time walks right up to us to explain what Crossfit was. Immediately he took a look at Stacey and knew she was a trainer or something. Then there was me, I didn’t even have appropriate workout clothes, I had a big baggy shirt with big shorts, that I had rolled a couple times, had no idea what LULU LEMON was! But that was the beginning of a whole new world to me.
    After that first initial visit, Stacey got offered a job and I got offered a free membership, as her one family member! Yay for me I was benefiting already from my sister’s awesome skills! I began going to Crossfit with Stacey and it was nice, we were both really busy so it was time that we got to see each other this is the time when I could hnag out with her. The more I started to go, the better my wardrobe got, I mean there were some really cute guys there, I needed to start looking better at the gym! And the more I went the more it became a huge part of my life. People say that when you get involved in Crossfit it becomes a life style, and it is completely true, its sort of like a virus, once you’re around it you can’t really get away from it, and I began to catch the Crossfit bug.
    The real reason I continued going to Crossfit, at first 2 or maybe 3 times a week, was because it was so easy for me to get there, I mean I had a free membership and I had my coach picking me up at my house! I had no excuse not to go. I never thought in a million years that I would have gotten so involved with it. I mean it pretty much maps out my life these days, right down to what I do when I go out on a date with someone new! After being a part of Crossfit for a year I really started to love it. I loved that Stacey and me could do something together. Stacey is the only person I think even more than myself, that has always believed in me. There would be times when I just didn’t want to do a workout or even go to the gym, but I would go because I knew Stacey would expect me to be there and she always told me I could do it. Had Crossfit not been the only place that Stacey and me would get to hang out, I probably wouldn’t have gotten so involved in it. But I can say because it became her entire life, it has drastically affected my life and for the better! I used to think that pretzels and crackers were a healthy snack! Pasta and garlic bread was a nutritious dinner and that one cupcake a day was perfectly fine! The only word I can say now is Paleo, if you don’t know it, look it up, you will be changed forever. Being part of this Crossfit world has taken my body and fully changed every part of it. I have become a better athlete, I am closer to my sister than I ever have been, I can now fit into size 2 jeans (which I thought was never possible), I no longer have a chest (this isn’t a plus, but it helps in some workouts), and I feel 100% better than I ever have in my life.
    Feeling the way I do affects everything I do. I feel good, I look good, and I am happy. I am not going to give Crossfit all this credit because as much as a big part of it was Crossfit the bigger part of all this is my sister. Watching her alone last year at regional’s and then at the games was amazing. There is no other word for it besides she is the biggest inspiration to me. She is my hero in every way! When I am doing workouts it is her I hear in my head. Her voice telling me to put my hands down, pick up the bar, don’t stop! Without her I don’t think I could have ever in a million years competed this weekend at sectionals. This weekend was one of the hardest things I have done in my life, physically and mentally. It was just 2 months ago, one night when I randomly decided to sign up for sectionals (after weeks of getting nagged by Eric and Stacey). I never even thought that I could compete against people that Stacey competes against. I was so nervous signing up that I completely forgot to write in my whole last name (so the whole weekend I was referred to as Erica K.). Immediately after I signed up I regretted it. I was so nervous and didn’t know what to expect, I honestly didn’t believe in myself. Thank god I had Stacey to believe in me. So the training began. I tried to get in every week at least 5 times. Throughout these 2 months many things happened. I hurt my back, which took me out of lifting any weight for an entire month, I struggled between wanting to eat paleo and wanting to go out and have appetizers and beers. Every time I felt a pull to go eat wrong or have a beer, I didn’t’ because I knew that Stacey was going through the same thing as me. So after two months of basically core training and rehabbing my back the sectionals came this past weekend. I didn’t think I would be that nervous getting there, I mean I was doing it for fun or so I was telling myself. I didn’t think I even had a chance of moving onto regionals. Stacey had other plans for me though. I have to say I have never felt the nervous feeling that I felt this weekend. Before every WOD I felt like I was going to puke. Before and after every WOD Stacey was right there yelling for me, icing me, encouraging me and stretching me. She is the reason I was able to push through every workout. She trained me so that I was ready for these sectionals. When I felt like I couldn’t go any further I would look up and there she was yelling at me to go harder, go faster, don’t stop. Without her and all the other people who were there supporting me I am not sure if I would have made it through. I loved competing this weekend! It was so much fun to be part of this. For the past year I have been the spectator, the cheerleader, and I loved this. I absolutely love being that person for my sister. It was weird being in different shoes this weekend, weird and exciting. Now that I have qualified for regionals I am torn. I want to be there for my sister. I want to be that cheerleader and support every move she does. It’s going to be really weird having to compete with her. I am torn and feel confused with my thoughts about regionals.
    My whole life I grew up being jealous of my sister. I always wanted to be better than her, or even be her. Crossfit is the one thing that I can say I have never been jealous of her in. I am in awe of her every move in the Crossfit world. I am beyond proud of her. I love telling people who she is and that she is my sister. I love training with her. And I love how she is so much a part of my success in Crossfit and in life. I Love being there for her, and she is there for me always. Watching Stacey compete makes me want to do everything in life better. I am nervous and anxious about the regionals, I am not sure how being a fan and a competitor will work, but we will see in just two months. The reason I do Crossfit is because of my sister and a huge reason I qualified this weekend is because she believed in me. Thank you Stacey!
    Also a huge thanks to my other coach Eric who is absolutely amazing and was such an inspiration this weekend!

    I just had a lot I wanted to say after this weekend so this is it….there’s more I just figured I should stop…..

  3. WOW! Erica I guess you did have a lot to say… I got through the first paragraph, ha! Great job this weekend both Erica and Eric! and congrats to Stacey and Erica on being Connecticut local news television stars

  4. Erica and Eric were amazing! It was so great to cheer them on and see the insane things they accomplished!

    Next year CrossFit Fenway will have more athletes competing. What a great goal for people to work towards!

    1. Lesley…it was awesome u being there! ur support for eric was amazing and sooo touching! thanks for supporting us!!!

  5. congrats to both erica and eric, seeing all the 2009 sectional workout videos on the main site this week im sure the weekend was a brutal yet rewarding one.

  6. Erica K, you are amazing. The ridiculous gains you’ve made in the last year are nothing short of jaw dropping. From eating granola bars before your morning workouts at CFB to qualifying for Regionals…I couldn’t possibly be more proud of you.

    It was a pleasure watching you and Eric battle through 4 very difficult workouts this weekend. The both of you exhibited something beyond athletic ability, something you can’t teach and you can’t be taught. Quite simply, you’ve both got guts. And it was a beautiful thing, watching the two of you spew them on the floor all weekend. 🙂

    Much love to both of ya…

  7. Eric and Erica, congratulations to you both for outstanding performances last weekend. Erica, your CrossFit Manifesto (above) was brilliant!

    Today’s WOD: 12:33 RX, very unimpressive. Definately need to get faster on situps.

  8. Great work, Eric and Erica! It was truly inspirational watching both of you this weekend.

    Today’s WOD 11:00 Rx

  9. Congratulations Erica and Eric!

    Erica, I always knew you were strong when you and Stacey showed up that August morning at CFB. So proud of you! You have definitely come a long way and you worked your tail off to get there. Really, really happy for you.

    You and Stacey WILL figure out that balance between supporting each other and competing against each other. There are many sister athletes who have figured it out. You will as well. It’s a whole new chapter. Congratulations.

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