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On June 4, 2011, CrossFit Fenway joined together with Windy City CrossFit and 13 other CrossFit gyms all over the country to raise money for the Navy SEAL Foundation.

Many gyms do their Murph on Memorial Day – a good day to remember Lt. Michael Murphy and all of our nation’s Veterans. Windy City CrossFit decided to take that remembrance a bit further and raise money for the Foundation. Eric got the invitation and decided it was just the sort of thing that CrossFit Fenway does.

And so yesterday we found ourselves gathering at 9am for one of the hardest workouts around, in honor of a great man.

Last time we did this workout was on September 11, 2010. Yesterday we got after it again, for the third time at CrossFit Fenway. The first time, back on April 6, 2010, only 3 of us went as RX – and we didn’t have any weight vests. This was different for all of us.

A bigger, stronger, faster, and more confident community came together yesterday.

David, a visitor from LA, joined us. He’s been with us this week sharing the experience of what it means to be part of our family. He went out of his way to tell us what you already know: you people, the members and coaches, make CrossFit Fenway a facility that stands apart from others. You are truly remarkable.

Five of our members took it on with the 20 pound weight vest. I loved working beside you and was proud of your efforts to get it done, but of all of us none prouder than Scrappy O’Leary. For her, that 20 pounds is about a 18% increase in her body weight. She took it on with guts and determination and did honor to Murph and herself. She finished the workout in 70:59. On her last lap, she was joined by her friends – our community – and it was a proud and beautiful moment to run with her to finish it out.

For myself, I’m pleased with my performance. 48:43 – a PR of 6 minutes and 11 seconds. I’m glad to be getting faster and stronger along with all of you. I’m even more pleased by the love and support you all showed for each other. I’m grateful for the money you raised for our Navy SEALs, to honor their service and sacrifice. Most of all, I’m honored to share this journey with you – the experiences of our lives.

Thanks, Lt Murphy.

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  1. Can you post this to FB so I can share w/ my friends? So proud of you all! I wish I could’ve been there.

  2. The last lap was definitely one of my top 10 most memorable moments, that and all of the mid-workout hand care I received. Great work by ALL.

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