Comfortable in Discomfort

Maintaining a good front rack position is not the most comfortable place to hang out, but we’ll be spending plenty of time there Monday.  Even with light weight, a solid front rack requires strength, flexibility, and can inhibit breathing.  You could always opt for a less than ideal front loaded position, move less efficiently, and therefore move less weight, but why would you want to do that?

Sets of five front squats will test your core strength, and upper body flexibility, as much as it will your legs.  Our conditioning workout for Monday requires unbroken thrusters.  If your not getting reps you’re only allowed to rest with the bar in the front rack.  Any deviation from this, and you’ll need to start the set all over again.  All of this is just more practice getting comfortable being uncomfortable.  The sooner you can turn off the little voice that says “this hurts, put it down,” the sooner you’ll be able to push through to reach your goals, and achieve things you never thought possible.

Nathan fighting his way out of the bottom

March 14, 2011

Strength: Front Squat 5-5-5-5-5

3 Rounds:
26 Unbroken Thrusters, 20kg
16 Burpees

*If thrusters are broken up the set must be restarted from 0.
*The only acceptable rest position is with the barbell in the front rack.
*Scale with dumbbells as needed.


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The 2011 CrossFit Games season begins March 15th! CrossFit Fenway, CrossFit Southie, and CrossFit New England will be taking turns hosting The Open events. The workouts will be held at 1pm on Saturdays starting on March 19th.  We are expecting to have over 100 athletes competing every weekend (register to compete here).  Scaling will not be allowed.  Certified Level 1 athletes will be asked to judge as well as compete.  If you are a Level 1 Coach but don’t plan on competing we could use your help judging, as well as the assistance of any other willing volunteers to keep each event running as smoothly as possible.  Please e-mail Eric if you need further information about competing, judging, or volunteering.

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18 thoughts on “Comfortable in Discomfort”

  1. FS: 45kg, 1x50kg (should’ve made a smaller jump after 45)

    WOD: 13:07 @20kg…but not exactly Rx. I put it down twice in the last round (ouch) but started from where i left off the second time i put it down. haha, this is the closest i’ve been to tears in a workout since i first started.

  2. FS- 70 kg (may have been able to get more) – body weight X 5 🙂

    WOD: 7:11 (I rested on set two and three a few to many seconds in front rack position)

  3. FS – 50kg. Got 3 @ 60kg

    WOD: 11:14 Rx. Lost my balance during the second round and tried to get back up in the front rack position. I was close to doing so, but ended up putting the bar down and starting over. Luckily I was only on squat #4.

  4. FS — 45kg PR, feeling like I aimed a bit low though. My wrists and elbows are finally coming around, waiting for next time already.

    WOD — 10:48Rx

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