Lots of cleaning going on.  First, for Thursday’s class we’ve done this drill before.  We’re reviewing the clean, going over everything, breaking it down with PVC, and getting some technical strength work in.  We also have cleans in the metcon, so you can instantly apply any breakthroughs to an environment with a running clock.  Hitting a lift with more weight than you’ll be using in your workout before the workout begins can build confidence and make the load feel less heavy when the bell rings and the timer starts moving.

If you’re looking for even more opportunities to work on the clean, not to mention the jerk, and the snatch, we’ve got Olympic Weightlifting clinics on Saturday, January 22nd.  Space is limited, so contact Eric for more information, and to register today.

Finally, we’ve got another type of cleaning going on, cleaning up our box, by getting rid of the items that have been left around the facility.

Justin cleaning during DT at BOTE

We’re giving all unclaimed lost and found items, including towels to GoodWill if they remain unclaimed after this week. You’ve got until Saturday morning to go through the pile, and claim what’s yours.

January 6, 2011

Strength: Clean

20 Double Unders
6 Squat Cleans (50kg/35kg)

Looking for a little friendly competition? On Saturday, January 15th at 11:30 AM Forever CrossFit is hosting a Full Mission Profile workout.  Teams of 4 (all male, all female, or mixed) are invited to compete in this no-scaling-allowed, military themed test of fitness.  There is no entry fee.  Nathan and Yosh had a great time when they competed at Forever CrossFit back in October.  Please contact Eric if you’re interested.

9 thoughts on “Cleaning”

  1. Posting this early so it gets more play:

    NY Times article about research on the relationship between drinking alcohol and working out. From the article: “Drinking is associated with a 10.1 percentage point increase in the probability of exercising vigorously.”

    Guess that beer isn’t hurting your Paleo diet as much as you thought if it means you’re going to be working out more…

    So what’s up for this weekend?


    1. It may push you to exercise more outta guilt haha. But alcohol does blunt our natural human growth hormone, so I wouldn’t go as far as saying it doesn’t hurt ya. Stick with the paleo margaritas!

    2. Fun studies, but I think they posted the results backwards: more exercise makes you want to drink more, at least in the rats. Maybe alcohol and endorphins go hand in hand…

  2. Clean: 90 kg, no reason to go heavier until my awful form improves. As is evident from today’s picture, I’d win a gold for shit technique.

    WOD : 9 rounds

    1. JS,
      85 kg here, but same thing. Form is getting better, but linking all the movements together in one flowing motion needs work. Q1 goal.

  3. Clean 75kg – disappointed; I have gone heavier but I couldn’t seem to get it today

    WOD: 7rds + 2 cleans – clean form and du’s both felt good today but I just didn’t have the juice to go faster

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