Cleaning, Rowing and Sitting

Crossfit Fenway will be hosting an Olympic Lifting class with EC Synkowski on Wednesday June 30th from 5:00pm to 8:00pm for $75.  We are limiting the class to 15 people and space is filling up quickly.  Be sure to email if you would like to do the class.  This is a great way to improve your technique and put more weight over head.  EC is an expert on coaching the lifts. 

Skill:  Handstand Push Ups

Strength:  Cleans

WOD:  Row 1000 meters

 150 sit ups

11 thoughts on “Cleaning, Rowing and Sitting”

  1. Alright guys, you got this…

    …I bought into the 100 Day Burpee Challenge this evening for the low price of 378 burpees. I took my time (about 80-85min) and focused on just getting through them (and staying HYDRATED).

    So if you’re hesitating about the buy-in, get over it and hit the deck!

    1. Impressive!!!! I quess I need to stop whining about the 28 I have to do tonight. 🙂 Time to go hit the deck!

  2. WOD: 14:47 – Longer than most, but I DID IT! It was great to see you JT. I enjoyed working out with you.

  3. HSPUs: 10 with 1 abmat…failed without…stupid shoulder 🙁
    Clean: 30kg
    WOD: 12:04 (Row: 4:37, a definite PR!!!) took too long to start the sit-ups…row took a lot out of me.

    It felt really good to be back tonight. The shoulder’s ALMOST healed, and the row definitely felt good.

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