Clean & Jerk

100_0617They go together like almond butter and bananas.  Two great things that go great together, like the clean and the jerk.  The clean is the most efficient way to move an object from the floor to the rack position, set up perfectly to be put overhead, and the jerk is the most efficient way to get an object overhead.  These movements develop explosive strength, but also require a great deal of skill.  We’re going to spend some quality time on both movements tomorrow, drilling them as much as necessary, and working up to move some weight.

January 20th, 2010

Skill: knees to elbows, ball ups, skin the cats

Skill/Strength: Clean & Jerk


50 med ball clean, press, & slams

3 thoughts on “Clean & Jerk”

  1. Yeah med ball clean, press and slams!

    I think they need a better name though. Something sexier. Like “Grave Diggers”…which isn’t so much sexy as it is morbid…I’ll work on it.

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