Nil, knocking out push-ups

The first WODs have been announced for both the individuals and the teams, and the entire Fenway contingent is either presently in California (or in the air on their way). The games begin tomorrow morning… it’s a good thing Stacey is so used to getting up early to coach the 5:30am classes here – she has a bus to board at 5:15am to take her to the beach for WOD 1.

As for your intrepid reporter, Yours Truly, I feel in quite a bind. We have the Team competing in the Stadium at 8am, and Stacey competing on the Beach at 8am. Whose event do I cover live? Oh, the tragedy. I’ll have to work something out. Maybe it’s time to appoint a Deputy-Blogger?

For y’all back in Fenway, it’s a classic benchmark to get after. How many rounds can you get? Keep moving – none of it is too hard to keep pushing through for another rep. Let’s see it rain PRs in the comment section tomorrow – as your Fenway coaches do their best to show up in the highlight reels tomorrow night.

July 29, 2011
5 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 Squats

Compare to 101105

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9 thoughts on “Cindy”

  1. 6/25/10 — (drawing from memory) 10 rounds, red band
    January 2011 — 15 rounds Rx
    Today — 15 rounds + 15 reps Rx

    I left chalky little handprints everywhere, enjoy.

    BEAST MODE, A-Team and Stacey!

  2. first real go with cindy: 11+8 rx. damn push ups really need some work, but my pull ups seems to be a lot better!

  3. 15 rounds Rx. Ripped up hands, but feeling great.

    Dennis did a great job with the warm up (and team burpees).

  4. First rumble with Cindy: 10 Rounds

    Started to rip after 2nd round, so went with purple. Still ripped after 8 rounds.

    Great job 5p!

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