Choosing to Bounce

Yesterday was a great burner, 10 minutes of fun that really laid people out. Excellent times. Today’s another tough one that can sneak up on you. Box jumps? No problem… until you’re trying them after a rower sprint.

It’s all hip extension, and we’re going to be working it hard after a nice day of hip extension with the Deadlifts yesterday. Bring your best recovery, as we’ll be pushing your mental toughness in stringing together your box jumps. They’re not impossible, they just hurt… and you can choose to keep going, one at a time.

This is all about choosing it. And let’s be honest – it’s always about that. We scale these workouts individually so that all of you can do them. It’s up to you to choose the hard work and choose to fight for one more rep. This is a great chance to engage rep after rep, choosing each one.

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Tuesday, August 17th

Skill: Pistols
Strength: Max Rep Strict Pull-ups x 3 (rest 2 mins between efforts)
WOD: Complete 4 Rounds for Time of:
250m Row
10 Box Jumps (30″)
10 Burpees


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The Sox are at home all week, so there is NO free parking for evening classes at CrossFit Fenway on Tuesday. (Come early to find street meters or 2 hour visitor spots back on Peterborough, if you must drive.)

15 thoughts on “Choosing to Bounce”

    1. That’s AWESOME. I’ve come close but still haven’t gotten mine. Do I dare ask if you made it to the trash/restroom?

      1. Restroom! I had plenty of time, since I was dizzy as hell and recovering from that before realizing what was coming (up) next…

  1. 9:10 Rx-tough one for me today, my legs are still jacked up from the falmouth road race on sunday.

    speaking of the race, my plan to train for the 7-miler was to do ONLY crossfit, no supplemental run training. i did a timed 5k in april at one of the invasions and a timed 1 mile as a WOD in june but other than that the only running i did was sprints during WODs. the guys i ran with thought i was crazy, but i finished in 54:29 (faster than them) and felt pretty good doing it. My legs were (are) sore but my lungs were fine, in fact i think i should have pushed harder. Next year 50 minutes – this shit works.

    1. Justin, firstly (is that a word?), congrats on the race. That is an awesome time/pace! How was the heat? I hear there is no shade on that course.

      Secondly, I couldn’t agree with you more. I too have done races where all my training centered around CF, and the results speak for themselves. Faster times and recovery. Good work brotha!

      1. thank you, i actually got pretty lucky with the heat. it was about 80 but ive heard it gets a lot hotter and we didnt have the typical august humidity.

    1. Yeah but you stepped up and did work! Even bled in the process. You know how Ron Burgundy pisses excellence? You bleed excellence!

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