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We talk a lot about choice.  It’s important to align our choices and actions with our goals in order to accomplish them.  Stacey’s goal is to qualify for the 2012 CrossFit Games, and participate in the event for a third time.  This CrossFit stuff is pretty tough, and to compete at the highest level of the sport requires additional dedication above and beyond five WODs a week.  Sleeping enough for recovery, eating well to fuel gains, and training hard to prepare all require time and we must each make our choices about how much time we devote to becoming stronger, faster, and fitter.

Stacey’s been working hard day in and day out as a part-time coach here at CrossFit Fenway, and as a full time employee at Again Faster, as well as training as a sponsored athlete.  Combine that with the list of life’s other priorities, in addition to her choice to compete on the biggest stage in our sport, and Stacey was faced with a difficult decision.

This past Friday Stacey coached her last classes at CrossFit Fenway – for now.  Sleep is critical to peak athletic performance, and Stacey hasn’t been getting enough of it.  In order to reach her goal, she needed make a choice and take action, and that means stepping away from coaching for the time being in order to better focus her training.  We fully support her in aligning her intentions and actions as she prepares to meet her goals!  Competition aside, it becomes a safety issue when someone is struggling to stay awake while commuting (before sunrise) on not-nearly-enough sleep.

Stacey is a great coach.  As much as she has taught members in her classes, she has also helped the coaches improve.  Stacey was a big part of getting this place we all love so much up and running.  Our encouraging, inspiring, strong community wouldn’t be the same without her.  This was a tough choice for Stacey, and she will be missed early in the AM – but the good news is she’s really not going anywhere.  Stacey will continue to call CrossFit Fenway home as she trains and prepares for the 2012 CrossFit Games.  So when you see her around, say hello, ask her how her training’s going, and get ready to cheer as she makes her run at the Games!

January 9, 2012

Front Squat 5-5-5-5-5

100 Kettlebell Swings (24kg/16kg)

*Begin the workout with 5 burpees, perform 5 burpees every minute on the minute until the kettlebell swings are complete.

Compare to 110324

23 thoughts on “Choice in Action”

  1. FS — 52kg, a PR for 5. Elbows staying closer to where they should.

    WOD — 5:41Rx

    Stacey, I will miss your ridiculous warm-ups in the morning and hearing your voice get louder as the coffee kicks in…

      1. thanks! I am not sure it was quite done before burpees were called- but I couldn’t bear another set! Nice work this morning Scrappy- I was very impressed as each 5:30 “Swinger” called Done! and I was still swingin’ away!

  2. Day 1 of “Stacey Detox” was a but unsettling at first, but then I started getting the hang of it. Eric was great.

    FS: 90 kg, PR for 5
    WOD: 7:52 Rx

    This WOD was tougher than it looks.

  3. FS: 80 kg

    WOD: 6:35 Rx

    Definitely did not bring my A game today…tired after a long day of, well, drinking and watching football. Feeling tired and subpar.

  4. FS: 100kg
    WOD: 5:36 Rx.
    Have to work on my burpee speed. Should be able to get sub 5 next time this comes around, although I won’t be looking forward to it. Forearms were spent at the end of this.

  5. FS: 55kg
    WOD: 9:50 Rx
    That beat me up like nothing has in a while. My lungs were burning at the start of the 2nd minute and didn’t stop. Thanks to all who cheered me through the last round.

  6. ps: I distinctly remember doing this WOD very early on for me, I’m thinking it was probably like within my first month or two, & listening to Stacey describe it and asking her, “so what happens when it takes me a whole minute to do 5 burpees??”

  7. FS – 55kg (PR for 5, and better than my previous 1RM) – Now that my technique is getting better, I know that I can lift more.
    WOD – 7:47 w/20kg KB. That WOD kicked my butt. I thought about trying for my first Rx, but thought better of it after swinging that 24kg kb a few times. Glad that I did.

    Great job today, 5:30am swingers!

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