Burpees and…

Burpees go great with everything.  They’re even better when combined with another movement to create something more punishing than the sum of its parts.  Tuesday we’re melding the burpee with the box jump for burpee box jumps.  This mutant movement requires greater agility, coordination, and accuracy than a standard burpee or box jump, while also adding to the range of motion required, and turning up the suck factor.  The burpee box jump is paired with kettlebell swings for what should be a fast, but brutal couplet.

July 27th, 2010

Skill: Core Work

Strength: Deadlift 3-3-3-3-3

WOD: Complete 4 Rounds for Time of:
20 Kettlebell Swings (24kg/16kg)
10 Burpee Box Jumps (24″/20″)


Our friends at CrossFit Boston are hosting a Whole9 Nutrition Workshop on Saturday, July 31st.  Register and join them for a practical, straightforward, interactive discussion on the important role nutrition plays in your overall health and fitness.

Nathan Jokel has volunteered to help with our coordination for the Spartan Race, taking place Saturday, August 28th at Amesbury Sports Park.  The event benefits the Home Base Program, and the cost of registration goes up again after August 8th.  Please contact Nathan if you’re interested in joining a team from CrossFit Fenway for the race.

Fight Gone Bad has raised more than $2 million in its first four editions.  This year LIVESTRONG, Wounded Warrior Project, and the CrossFit Foundation are benefiting from the fundraising efforts.  On Saturday, September 25th we’ll be running our heats.  Register today, and join the fight as part of the CrossFit Fenway team.

Please let Eric know if you’re registered to run in the BAA Half Marathon, so we can coordinate leading up to race day.

The Sox are out of town to play, so parking is available all day Tuesday.

17 thoughts on “Burpees and…”

  1. DL: 150kg – WIth Stacey cringing/grimacing at my form
    WOD: 10:45 Rx – Sucking wind as usual

    Great job to the rest of the 5:30 class – I think a lot of people set PR’s for themselves!

    1. Shruj, you’re not alone… my form was so bad that Stacey gave me even more homework to do every day! haha

      Deadlift 110kg
      WOD 6:22 rx

  2. Stacey, Eric and JT:

    Day two of recovery following my 60 mile, three day walk/camp for breast cancer . . . putting aside the blisters and some possible lost toe nails (ouch!) , it was an awesome walk, piece of cake and our team of 4 raised $25,000. It would not have been the same experience had I not been with you guys at Crossfit. It was all about strength and endurance . . . mental and physical. And for me in the end, putting in a few miles wearing one sneaker and a flip flop of sorts. Thanks for everything you do for us! As fate had it, I finished the walk feeling stronger than ever, booked over to El Pelon for some fish tacos and who was walking out the door? Eric and his little lady! . . . hope to see you all by the end of the week.


  3. DL: 115kg
    WOD: 13:40 Rx.

    Holy crap… gagged three times, slowest Rx on the board, took me forever and again, but I went into the gym wanting to challenge myself today, and did so. I’m just proud of myself for the Rx, even if it was slow.

    1. No worries, Nick, I finished 13 seconds after you for the 7 o’clock class. Thanks everyone for cheering me on at the end.

  4. DL: 150kg
    WOD: 6:54 rx

    Really good stimulus. Couplet kicked my ass. Form lagging a bit on my last set of DL’s but it was a PR so I’m pumped!

  5. I visited the 6.30 class in town from Texas. I appreciate the warm reception and the pain inflicted by the WOD. It was friendly and fun. If any of you visit Mansfield,TX stop in and we will show you some Texas hospitality. Many thanks. RS

  6. DL: 95kg – my first real deadlifts, so a PR of sorts for me.
    WOD: 12:11. 20″ box. Next time i’ll go 24″ so I can record my first Rx

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