Bring It!

Tuesday is a great test of strength and willpower.  We are maxing out our deadlifts and crushing a sprint workout that requires no breaks.  We are doing burpee box jumps.  The great thing about both movements is that you can always do another.  If you get down you will always get up, and with the right focus you will always land on the box.

There is usually a giant “suck” factor that comes along with doing workouts like this.  The fear of losing your breath, the pain, or even the fear of throwing up, creep in as we get the butterflies before the workout.  Embrace the feeling.  The butterflies/adrenaline are there to make you go faster and those pain feelings should be sought after.  Sometimes it has to hurt.  The pain is an indicator that you are doing the workout the right way.   Put your head down and go.

TUE 3/1

Strength: Deadlift 5-5-3-3-1-1-1

50 Burpee Box Jumps, 24″


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17 thoughts on “Bring It!”

  1. Hey zander- your shoes are here. Anytime you want them just give me a call, Ill make sure they are polished before I hand deliver them to you.

    1. Thanks Aaron. It is this sort of extra service that keeps us coming. By the way, I only use Lincoln Brand polish on my shoes. I’m sure you can find it somewhere nearby.

  2. one arm DL: 52 kg
    WOD: 4:14. Squat box jumps with 20# weight vest, 15 on the 20″ then 35 on green after I bit it pretty hard.

    Glad that I could amuse Haley with my modifications.

    1. hahaha jen, you + your purple cast + weight vest + squat/frog jumps = amazing!!

      deadlift: 150 kg.. not a PR
      WOD: 4:39 on the 24″ box

      then a failed attempt at my sub 2 minute grace.. but still a PR! 2:30 rx

  3. Dead Lift: 220#…tied my old PR. failed on 230#

    Spring Break WOD day 2:
    21, 15, 9
    Wall Ball, KB Swings (1.5 pood), Dips


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