Break it Down, Compare the Pieces

To follow up on Wednesday’s post, here’s a little more pillow talk from Kstar.

Thursday we’re hitting up rowing intervals.  It’s two 1,000m pieces, with a 2 minute rest in between.  Go back and check your 2,000m row times, or sets of 500m intervals.  How do they compare to these pieces?  How close can you come to your best 500m pace for the duration of a 1,000m piece?  How much faster are the combined times today versus your best 2,000m pull?

Whether it’s rowing, running, cycling, or swimming, shorter, more intense intervals will make you faster in the longer distances.  It doesn’t work so well the other way around.  Training your body to better deal with fatigue in the high intensity workouts will make it easier when you just need to find a pace, hold it, and keep moving.

September 30th, 2010

Strength: High Bar Back Squat 5-5-3-3-1-1-1

WOD: 2 x 1k Row
Rest 2 minutes between efforts


Many members of CrossFit Fenway are running in the BAA Half Marathon on Sunday, October 10th.  We’ll be hosting a prerace potluck at CrossFit Fenway on Saturday, October 9th at 6 PM.  Please RSVP here and let us know what you’re bringing by Thursday, October 7th.

Compete in the most physically demanding obstacle course available on Saturday, November 13th in Marshfield at Ruckus Boston 2010Stephanie Schneider is helping to organize the CrossFit Fenway team.  Please contact her if you’d like to participate, as discounts are available for teams.

The Beast of the East throwdown at CrossFit New England is Saturday, November 6th.  Our athletes are getting ready.  Mark your calendars, and get ready to come cheer on your CrossFit Fenway teammates.

13 thoughts on “Break it Down, Compare the Pieces”

  1. HBBS: 120kg (off previous PR of 125kg)
    Row: 3:36 / 3:52 (combined 7:28 vs max effort 2k of 7:55)

    In wrestling or jiu-jitsu, coaches will tell athletes executing a takedown to read the back of the other guy’s shirt as a cue to maintain proper form. In my case, I need to read the back of a CrossFit Fenway shirt as a cue to SQUAT MORE!

  2. HBBS: 120kg (failed at 125 and 122 – I can’t seem to break the 120 mark)

    Rows: 4:23/4:33 – Basically this was an excercise in form for me – I didn’t feel like I was doing it right until the last 200m of the secound round – should probably row 250 before or after class each time i’m in!

  3. HBBS: 70kg – old PR was 60!
    Rows: 4:19/4:20

    So yesterday I went for a long run, and in the past I had always been opposed to carrying a water bottle while running. But I tried it yesterday, because it was pretty hot, and lo and behold a water bottle is a lot lighter than a medicine ball or a sledge hammer. At least that was my first thought. Anyway, I was happily hydrated.

    1. I’ve become a huge fan of my hydro belt for long runs. Much easier than carrying a sledge or a bumper plate.

      Grats on the long run!

  4. Not feeling the row today so instead I had my first encounter with Grace (30 clean&jerks @ 95#) … 3:26rx … longest 3 minutes of my life.

  5. Row: 3:48/3:50 Combined = 7:38
    Compare to 2k of 7:52 on August 5th
    Could’ve done better but my quads are shot from mistakingly doing 600 walking lunges yesterday morning instead of 600′ of walking lunges. Oops. This is also why I didn’t HBBS today. Lots of foam rolling instead.

  6. HBBS: 80kg (Failed @85kg)- Flexibility is getting much better, but still need to ‘get that depth’. Thanks for the help Yosh.

    Row: 3:48/3:59

  7. HBBS: 45kg (failed @ 50kg) – up from 25kg. YES. Almost squatting body weight! (Thanks, Yosh)
    WOD: 4:42/4:27 whattup negative splits.

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