U.S. Air Force Senior Airman Bradley R. Smith, 24, of Troy, Illinois, assigned to the 10th Air Support Operations Squadron, based in Fort Riley, Kansas, was killed on January 3, 2010, by an improvised explosive device in Zhari district, Kandahar Province, Afghanistan. He is survived by his wife Tiffany, daughter Chloe, parents Gary and Paula, and brother Ryan.

September 12,2011
10 rounds for time of:
Sprint 100 meters
10 Pull-ups
Sprint 100 meters
10 Burpees
Rest 30 seconds


FIGHT GONE BAD 6 is this Saturday, September 17th.  This year the Special Operations Warrior Foundation, the Infant Swim Resource, and Camp Patriot are benefiting from the fundraising efforts.  We’ll be running heats at CrossFit Fenway in lieu of an invasion workout beginning at 11 AM.  If you’re registered as part of the CrossFit Fenway team, please be sure to sign up for a heat.  All are welcome to come cheer, support, and keep score as part of this great community event.

26 thoughts on “Bradley”

  1. 30:25 Rx

    My first Rx Hero WOD, so I was pretty excited about that. Though I don’t like that Hero WODs exist, it was definitely a good way to start the week!

  2. 23:20 rx

    Three hero workouts in four days has left me pretty beat. Happy to end it on a high note. Key to this wod is to use the rest wisely and control your breathing. Thanks for the push Haley.

  3. 31:12 rx. My body is officially beat. Great way to start the week off, though.

    My last round of pull ups was embarrassingly bad. I have a lot of room for pull up improvement.

  4. 33:23 with purple band on pull-ups

    Feeling more comfortable with pull-up volume with purple band. Might be time to start checking out the red band.

    Big ups to those who did the three hero WODs in a row!

  5. 30:56*

    g+r on pullups

    rds 2.5-5 – subbed 20 situps for sprints due to injury
    rds 6-10 – switched from situps to squats

    good to be back. now just need to get back to 100%…

    nice work, 630.

    PS: Cal, i went to BC. in case you were wondering.

  6. Weekend WOD — GORUCK Challenge NYC

    The highlights: 11-11.5 hours and of Indian runs, regular running, traffic-light squats, death marches and even flutter-kicks in NYC’s lovely East River…all with a ruck filled with four bricks, food and water (and sometimes two rucks). After all of that grumbling I did about farmer walks last week, we lost the luxury of shoulder straps early on and I ended up farmer-carrying two rucks for several miles while the taller members of our crew (including CFF’s own Dennis M.) dealt with a giant log.

    The most inspiring part of the weekend for me was running the Challenge with CPT Ivan Castro, a Green Beret who was gravely wounded in a mortar attack in 2006. CPT Castro performed every one of the tasks demanded of us and did so with a smile on his face and cracking jokes the whole time…in spite of the fact that he is completely blind. I will remember him and all of the other men and women who have sacrificed so much for us as Americans next time I want to complain about something being “too hard.” Amazing weekend.

  7. 26:36 with green and purple bands on the pullups.

    Was able to do all 10 rounds of pull ups without stopping. Time to change up the bands.
    The runs seems to get faster throughout.
    The burpees got harder and harder throughout.

    Overall a hard workout but it felt good.

  8. 26:34 rx.
    good: all rounds unbroken
    bad: slow runs, need to work on that. also, note to self for next time – do the burpees outside! it’s not worth the extra 5-10 seconds each round to do burpees in the pampered luxury of the rubber floor inside.

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