Hero workouts tend to be long and crushing.  Blake is no different.  At some point each movement is going to be a struggle, and you will realize you are only half way done.  The only way to get through these workouts is to mentally stay on the task at hand.  Go rep by rep and push through.  Long breaks are the enemy, and allow all of the bad thoughts to creep in.  Going into the workout we know it is going to be long and hard.  Although, you control how hard you push and how good your time is.  Go hard and chip away at the reps.

Four rounds of:

  • 100 foot Walking lunge with 45lb plate held overhead
  • 30 Box jump, 24 inch box
  • 20 Wallball shots, 20 pound ball
  • 10 Handstand push-ups


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15 thoughts on “Blake”

  1. Non-hero WOD:

    3 rds –
    50 squats
    50 situps
    25 pushups
    50 single unders (on good leg)


    PS: Yosh’s freestanding HSPUs? sick.

  2. 24:46 (15kg plate, 20″ box, 10# ball, decline push-ups)

    Legs turned to gelatin about 50 feet of lunges into the third round, but thankfully didn’t fail any box jumps! Great job by all in the morning classes and rip Blake

  3. 35:02 w 1-abmat on hspu’s
    That’s a great workout. I’d like to see it again about 3 months to see how much time I can take off (and to Rx). rip Blake

  4. 23:44 – subbed 20# DB on lunges, 20# thrusters for wall ball and one arm push ups for HSPUs.

    It was a 7:30AM dance party…or maybe we were haunted by the ghost of Papachristos.

    And awesome work today by Mandy who was initiated into the 24″ box bite club and bled through her awesome yellow leg warmers.

  5. 36:58 (I think) – 20″ box and decline push-ups.
    This workout was the closest I’ve come to puking yet.

    The worst thing about being last? Stacey constantly in your face.
    The best think about being last? Stacey constantly in your face.

    Thanks for your service Blake.

  6. 30:46 (10 kg plate, 24” box, 10 lb ball, declined pushups)

    A tough workout, But it felt great to finish! Not being allowed to drink water during the WOD was a mental hurdle I had to get over.. but I survived! Thanks for pushing me Aaron! Great job 6 pm!

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