Better, Faster, Stronger

Wednesday’s metcon was last posted for March 9th.  It’s a pretty straight forward couplet requiring some skill, strength, stamina, and of course speed.  How much have your double unders improved since March?  Do your push-ups need to be scaled back from the clapping version?  We’re chasing performance.  We want to be stronger and faster.  Not only do we want to complete these conditioning challenges with a better score each time, but we also want to do the workout with less scaling, or even scaled up when appropriate.  Let’s see how you do with this one 5 months later.

August 25th, 2010

Skill: Muscle-ups

Strength: Clean

Complete 5 Rounds for Time of:
30 Double Unders
15 Clapping Push-ups


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Vanessa’s moving out west to pursue new opportunities.  This week is her last in Boston, but she’s giving the going away presents, and offering 1 hour massages at the discounted rate of $72 until she leaves town.

Technical difficulties have resulted in class reservations being deleted.  Please double check any spots you reserved, rebook as necessary, and contact Eric if you require additional assistance.

Due to Tuesday’s rain out, the Red Sox have a double header Wednesday, so there’s no free parking available in the lot around CrossFit Fenway during the noon or evening classes.

17 thoughts on “Better, Faster, Stronger”

  1. 7:25 Rx

    Double-unders were either unbroken or in two sets of 15. However, clapping push-ups were really slow and mostly singles.

    Also, first consecutive unbroken muscle-ups today!

  2. Getting excited that my cleans are becoming a little more “clean” (i.e. bar traveling closer to body, hips engaged, etc.)

    WOD: 6:04 RX

    Scott, way to push it hard today brotha

      1. Haley – I’m just so impressed that you did the clapping push ups! You are ALWAYS inspiring me to work harder!!!

  3. WOD: 16:04. Yep, you read that right. Pushups (regular ones, not clapping) need a lot of work. But on a brighter note, I did string 6 double-unders in a row. Slowly, but surely getting it.

  4. Clean: 70kg
    WOD: 8:57 Clapping push ups were a lot harder than I thought they would be. Also 1st time working out with Yosh… Wow.

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