Best Laid Plans

Air Yosh

We received some new toys, including 3 new rowers.  I was very excited to put them to use, as soon as we could get them put together, however all 3 were a little banged up.  So instead of riding shiny, new, human propelled torture devices, we’re bringing back the lungenslam!  Don’t worry though, the rowers should be operational, and laying down a hurting very soon.

August 4th, 2010

Skill: Forward Rolls
Crane Poses

Strength: Press 3-3-3-3-3

WOD: Complete 5 Rounds for Time of:
20 Lungenslams (20#/14#)
15 Box Jumps (30″/24″)
10 Toes to Bar


Fight Gone Bad has raised more than $2 million in its first four editions.  This year LIVESTRONG, Wounded Warrior Project, and the CrossFit Foundation are benefiting from the fundraising efforts.  On Saturday, September 25th we’ll be running our heats.  Justin Shaughnessy has raised $1,500 to date, ranking him 3rd among all fundraisers! Register today, and join the fight as part of the CrossFit Fenway team.

If you haven’t already, please let Eric know if you’re registered to run in the BAA Half Marathon, so we can coordinate leading up to race day.

The Indians (and Coach Eric) will be visiting Fenway Park Wednesday night, so we’ve got no parking during evening classes.

13 thoughts on “Best Laid Plans”

  1. i’m getting fat as predicted! i’ve been hitting the gyms here in greece and incorporating as much CF as possible, but i didn’t realize how hard it would be to find some practical equipment at these gyms (absolutely no pull-up bars!).

    def no bumper plates… heck, they barely have any weights at all. most of their equipment is 1980’s treadmills and stairclimbers.

    but i’ve had the chance to work on plenty of handstand push-ups since they require no weights.

    i’m scared as hell to start CF again when I return, but boy oh boy do i need it!!!

    1. CrossFit Endurance! No equipment required except a stopwatch.

      Seriously though, hope you’re enjoying some quality downtime. See you soon!

    2. Eric, gotta love our homeland… i hope you’re having a great time. don’t worry – you’ll be back to your pre-Greece strength in no time! Just stay away from the bougatsa and gliko koutaliou. 🙂

  2. Press — 29kg, wish I’d gone for 30…

    WOD — 15:46, 20″ box-jumps and something between tucks and knees to elbows

    Love those lungenslams!

  3. Press: 60kg (PR)
    WOD: 16:32 Rx

    Spartan Race Update:

    I’ll be sending out team info and registration instructions tonight to everyone that has signed up. Everyone else, today is your last chance to get in on the fun! E-mail me by 5 pm today if you want to join one of the CFF teams for the race.

  4. 30kg press – my PR is 43. I felt weak as a kitten, and I have my suspicions why – poor sleep, possibly hydration, thrusters yesterday, and a giant pancake that I broke diet for. *mutter* Note to self: correct these things.

    WOD: Along the same “weak as a kitten” theme, scaled to 24″, 14#, tucks, @14:26. I’ll be sure to treat myself right the next two days so that Friday I can kick ass and take names! Who’s with me??

    1. Yosh, you killed it tonight! Impressive work all around from the 5pm class. Thanks for the form help with the press, JT. Great class and great energy!!

  5. Well Air Yosh lived up to his billing tonight and smoked this one, it was fun to try to catch you bud. Your form on your toes to bar is a sight to behold.

    WOD: 12:43Rx

  6. Thanks guys. I think Leah said it best, we had an awesome class with tons of energy and motivation. Awesome work to everyone!

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