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Game Day is upon us, and you’ve done all the work you can, right? Your strength is peaked, you’ve been staying loose this week and working technique and skills, and you’re ready to charge ahead, right?

There’s a few things you might want to prepare that happen outside the tight timeframes of your WODs, though.

Timing: Get there early enough that you’re not hurried or harried – being ready for the athlete briefing means you get the full information and aren’t running around frantic trying to find your heat or details that you could have gotten the first time around. Athlete meeting is at 8am – you may want to plan to have your car parked and walking in by 7:40 am.

Parking: Speaking of getting there early, print out a map the night before. Understand that Route 30 is the main access road, and it is just a 2-lane road with No Passing for the majority of it. Traffic can back up hard if things go sideways on Saturday morning, or it can be a nice cruise. Once there, you’ll find that CFNE is buried in the back of a commercial/light industrial office park. Their parking lot will get overwhelmed by the first 30 cars. There are 180 athletes, 40 judges, 20 volunteers, and god knows how many spectators in attendance. So parking will be out of control, and you may be parked on the side of the road a long distance from the facility.

Packing: You’ll be walking to get there, and crammed into a tight space, and probably having to move all your gear multiple times during the day. Prepare for a walk, and make sure your supplies are in easily portable containers. No pile of loose crap – get a duffel bag, athletic bag, or plastic bin to haul your stuff. Plastic bins also double as handy seats, so I’m partial to those. Bring a blanket: it rarely hurts to have one to wrap up in or sit on the ground for comfort.

Essential equipment: Food and water. Bring a water bottle. Keep it filled from the tap. Bring food. Cook extra chicken breasts tonight and bring them. Power bars? Sure. Grab a fistful of those fun-size LaraBars from the locker room at Fenway and take those, too. Big jar of almonds? Great. Almond butter? Fine. Jarred baby food is the favorite game day nutrition of at least one CFF Coach.

Whatever it is, bring enough calories to keep you going throughout the day. Budget for 300-400 calories after every event, plus loads of water. Nothing too hard to digest. Bring it with you, because trying to go out to eat during the day will Suck.

Eating out: I don’t advise it. It’s a long haul from CFNE to anything resembling a grocery store or restaurant, and you run the risk of getting stuck in traffic. Take what you need.

Non-obvious equipment: It’s an 8 hour day of competition, at least. There are 9 heats of each event. You will spend a great deal of time sitting around, recovering and taking time away from cheering. So bring a chair… and WARM CLOTHES. Sweatpants and sweatshirt to keep you warm during the cold weather we’ll be having tomorrow is essential. Stay warm and loose between workouts – don’t vacillate between boiling and freezing. You might want an umbrella – you might be stuck outside in the rain waiting for your next event.

There will be more that isn’t mentioned here, but I figured a quick last minute list of considerations might help some of you as you prepare to launch into your first competition! Good luck, sleep well, and I’ll see you all out there.

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  1. Good ideas, all, JT.

    I’d also just like to stress a few things about food.

    1) There will come a point (probably after the 2nd event) that you will not want to eat ANYTHING. The idea of food might be repulsive to you. Everything you brought will look like tree bark. TOO BAD. Have somebody there with you whose job it is to make sure you eat. You can’t always trust your body in situations like this. You won’t feel hungry, but you will need sustenance to make it through two or three or four more workouts.

    2) Don’t get creative. Don’t try that new recipe you’ve been wanting to try tomorrow. Don’t decide that tomorrow is the day that you ingest only liquid forms of protein. Tomorrow is game day. If you were going to experiment, you should have already done it weeks ago. Know what your gut can handle, and bring that.

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