Bear Fighting

It was recently posited in the comments section of this blog that it would be good to have Shane and Scrappy in your corner should you find yourself fighting a bear.  While their mental fortitude and low centers of gravity would certainly be useful for The Bear that lies ahead, you’re on your own this Friday.  To give you a taste of what you’ll be tackling tomorrow, here’s a video of Rob Orlando performing The Bear at 200#.

Who wouldn't want Scrappy in their corner if they had a bear to fight?

December 30, 2011
The Bear

5 rounds for load.  No resting the bar on the ground.  Break up or combine movements any way, as long as all movements are complete range of motion.

7 Sets of the Sequence:
Power Clean
Front Squat
Push Press
Back Squat
Push Press

Compare to 110527

20 thoughts on “Bear Fighting”

  1. First encounter with the Bear. This WOD was fun once it was over with. The toughest part was definitely getting the bar overhead after the front/back squat.

    50kg (failed with 52kg after 3 or 4 reps)

    Fun 6:30 class and a rare Stacey break.

  2. 46 kg, failed twice on 50kg. I really love this one. It’s such a fun challenge to hang on to the bar for reps rather than doing it for time.

    Stacey and I agreed this one reminds us of Tiff and Shruj…smooches to our favorite 8 months pregnant CrossFitter!

  3. My first Bear. 31kg. Failed on the last push press of the last rep of the 5th round. I should have switched to split jerks. Next time.

    Stacey got us to roar like a bear for the break at 6:30am. Back to 5:30am for me next week.

    Have a safe New Years Eve everyone!

  4. very fun WOD!
    got 50kg, then failed not once, not twice, but three times w/ 60.
    1st: missed a movement, had to start over
    2nd: failed on 6
    3rd: failed on 7…luckily for everyone else I was simply too exhausted to engage in the usual fit of cursing at this point.

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