Baselines and Boxes

Toldja yesterday was sneaky. Today’s is even cooler. You all know Baseline – for many of you, it was your first CrossFit workout. Today is a chance for you to see how far you’ve come… and how much farther you can push it.

The concept is simple: as many box jumps as possible in 10 minutes. Only, there’s a buy-in: you have to do Baseline first. The faster you do Baseline, the more time you have for Box Jumps. And you know you want to have a fast Baseline time so you can see how much you’ve improved since you started at CrossFit Fenway, right?

Tues 8/17

Skill: Pistols
Strength: Snatch
WOD: Baseline + Max Rep Box Jumps (24″), in 10 minutes
500m Row
40 Squats
30 Sit-ups
20 Push-ups
10 Pull-ups
Note Baseline time
Use remaining 10 minutes to complete as many box jumps (24″) as possible. Score is total box jumps.


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The Sox are at home all week, so there is NO free parking for evening classes at CrossFit Fenway on Tuesday. (Come early to find street meters or 2 hour visitor spots back on Peterborough, if you must drive.)

18 thoughts on “Baselines and Boxes”

    1. Great job, Air Yosh! I saw some nice butterfly kips from you on my way out the door, too.

      Baseline: 4:07*
      Box Jumps: 119

      *My hips touched the ground during my push-ups. Thank you Stacey for the correction.

    2. Amazing job by all of you today!

      Baseline: 4:14
      Box Jumps: 73 – I know this is terrible for having almost 6 minutes…but it’ll get better!

      1. Shruj, I heard you had quite the interesting row today 🙂

        Baseline- 5:47/80 box jumps Rx

        first baseline in january was around 11 minutes with push ups from my knees and purple & green bands…

    3. Everyone did great today, I believe there were a alot of baseline times that were smashed from their previous one! All around good energy!

  1. Baseline 7:14, unassisted this time (eval baseline was 7:52ish with a couple of reds or a purple)

    Box jumps (20″) — 32

    Junk rowing and too long on the pull-up bar.

  2. Baseline: 6:32 w/ purple
    Know where I can get faster, but really pleased with how I felt overall.
    Box: 30
    Not happy with how my brain says “no,” but thankful to Stacey and Haley for getting me up for the last 5.

  3. Baseline 5:41 down from 6:08, a mere nine days ago. I know what did it:
    #1) Less pausing on the squats.
    #2) Push-ups were 13/7, rather than 5/5/5/3/2. Holy crap that feels great.
    75 Box Jumps afterward. Holy crap legs sore. In that awesome way, though.

  4. 3:52 baseline
    134 box jumps

    Dan and Jim, thanks for setting the pace at noon – i love working harder to catch up!

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