Bachelor Party, Progress, and Letting Go Of Booze

I faced a few challenges here in the last few days. First, a bachelor party. Admittedly, it’s a fire performer’s bachelor party, so it’s not really the traditional festivities. Instead you get a dozen guys in the boonies, grilling steaks and juggling chainsaws and playing with fire while inebriated.

That is just going to include scotch and some wine… okay, a bottle of wine. I guess I’m no good at the booze part of paleo. What can I say, I guess I need to rededicate myself to the experiment – every time I see another way to do it better for myself and for all of you. Hey, I gave up cheese, I can give up wine for a few weeks.

Starting after the bachelor party, of course.

I had a blast on Friday before heading out, too. Barbara was a heck of a challenge, and it was great to see everyone’s personal triumph. It’s been 10 weeks since we ran Barbara last time in the facility. How did your times compare? For myself, I saw a lot of progress. Previously, it was over 30 minutes, with a red band to assist on my pull-ups. This last Friday, I managed it as RXd in just about 28 minutes. Progress. It’s the sum of our daily efforts, and I’m really excited to see it in myself – and in all of you!

Next up on the agenda, a set of travels. I’ll be in Missouri taking care of some family business, flying back Thursday night. Friday morning I’m off to Vermont, but I’ll be out in Albany on Saturday and Sunday to cheer on Erica and Stacey at the CrossFit Northeast Regional Qualifiers! After a late night return, I’m giving Stacey the day off – which means I’ll be coaching the Monday morning classes.

I don’t have as much else to offer right now – so I’ll just stick to the food logs and my daily thought/commentary. I miss y’all, and look forward to being back in the facility next week!


Egg whites omelette (huge) (270/48)
Almond milk (80/2)
Almond butter + jelly (250/7)
3 oz almonds (510/18)
uFood Grill: Sirloin tips, broccoli, and veggies (450/58)
3* 4 oz burgers, 85% lean/15% fat (570/62)
6oz T-Bone steak meat (340/46)
8oz london broil shoulder steak (540/75)
3oz pork chop (170/26)
sesame bark (800/20)
Red Wine. Bottle. (630c)
3 oz scotch. (300c)
TOTAL: 4,910 calories! 362g protein! I’m gonna be huge!

Amazing total today. Maybe this is the calorie intake Leon and others want me to be on to “build strength”, but I don’t think I can choke down that much food on a regular basis. Admittedly, about 1730
cals of that were purely elective “party calories” – I could have refrained from the drinking at the bachelor party and just passed out when my body got tired instead of fueling it with Sesame Bark… but I didn’t. My friend Roger is monogamous – which means we’ll only ever throw one bachelor party for him, if it all works out as planned. So, I took the occasion to break kosher here and have a good time.

Of course, this is also kind of like not pushing my hardest during a WOD. I don’t intend on doing long paleo experiments on a regular basis, so this is my ONE CHANCE to really do this right. Right now is the time I have to choose paleo hard, to do it the best I can. Why would I cheat myself out of that opportunity? I certainly wouldn’t cheat myself in a workout by shorting my reps or range of motion. *sigh* No, it’s time for me to let go of wine until the end of this experiment.

By the way, if you’re looking for a great hot meal post-workout with plenty of protein, and don’t have time to cook, you can get sirloin tips with steamed broccoli and veggies right around the corner from CFF for about $15 at uFood Grill. It’s next to Landmark Cinema, just past the Panera Bread.


6 eggs (450/42)
8 slices bacon (280/16)
1oz almonds (170/6)
coconut bliss (400/4)
larabar (220/4)
AB+J (250/6)
broccoli (100/12)
TOTAL: 1870c/90g

That total is much more like it. I did some research after our paleo friend stopped by to comment the other day about “Agave Nectar” versus “Agave Syrup”. Turns out they’re not different, but there’s all kinds of back and forth over if it’s any good for you. My bottom line: it’s sugar, and I can feel it the next day when I’ve had it.

Speaking of feeling it the next day: my hangover was impressive. Probably a combination of the sleep schedule and the booze.

Personally, I don’t have a whole lot of patience for ideological skirmishes waged on the internet over dietary dogma. I’m much more in the “eat what works” camp – making conscious choices, informed decisions based on your goals. Still, this is an experiment to gather data, so I’m going to try to follow the dogma.


ClifC Fruit bar (130/3)
Mini Larabar (100/1)
Salad (50c)
Steak 6oz (300/45)
Salad (50c)
Almonds (180/7)
Broccoli (80/8)
Steak 10 oz (400/60)
Larabar (200/4)
Sesame Bark (320/8)
Almonds (180/7)
TOTAL: 1990/148

On the road today. I flew to Missouri in the morning. Early flight, so I made it by on fruit bars til noon, when I got to grab some steak and salad. And then more steak and salad later. Life is good, and steakhouses make life easier.


Egg white Omelette (200/30)
Almonds (180/7)
Salad w/Chicken (200/30)
Veggie Omelette and Fruit (200/30)
Broccoli (50/5)
Almonds (180/7)
Baked Chicken Breast (300/50)
Salad (50c)
Broccoli (100/10)
Clif-C bar (130/3)
Almonds (180/7)
TOTAL: 1770/179

Again with the eating on the road. I am so pleased with all the people offering steamed broccoli. Including, oddly enough, Bob Evans. Yes, I ate at a restaurant named after a brand of sausages. Yes, I’m in the midwest. This is all the explanation I can offer. I’m also pretty glad that my calories are down, I feel better.

Of course, I’m in the midwest and a long way away from a CrossFit affiliate. So, my morning WOD was a bit simple: 100 Burpees for time. Big fun! See you next time with more WODs, more food, and probably the usual twice-weekly dose of self-examination.

5 thoughts on “Bachelor Party, Progress, and Letting Go Of Booze”

  1. Tequila is paleo 🙂 granted that only gives you a few shots…but its something…if you can stomach it. As far as I know thats the only hard alcohol that is paleo…

      1. Not sure if it’s true paleo but Eric and I have been partial to this…

        In a shaker with ice:
        generous shot of tequila
        juice of half a large lime (one if it’s small)
        half tsp agave syrup

        Shake it up. Serve with or without the ice.

  2. Re: the 5/14 meal, I’d find it hard to eat that many cals as well without more fat. My typical day involves less (though still a lot of) protein and more fat.

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