Closed – 2-27-16

had the pleasure of meeting this guy today! Harold is the man!!!!     * UPDATES * * Gym is closed this Saturday, Sunday and Monday for renovations. * Come to CrossFit Bay between 1-3 to perform 16.1. 209 columbus Ave. * For everyone that wants to sign up or has signed up already we …

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WOD – 02-25-2016

**CrossFit Fenway will be closed Saturday, Sunday & Monday to finish up renovations** *Remove all personal belongings from the cubbies in the back by Friday, please! *2016 CrossFit Opens is here…the affiliate was recently transferred to the new owners and CrossFit HQ took CrossFit Fenway off the Games site, so if you try to sign …

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WOD – 02-24-16

WARM-UP 30-20-10 @ convo pace Abmat situps Barbell stepups *review and drill power cleans and power snatches TEAM WOD With a partner break up any way you want! 100 Burpees with EMOM = 5 Hang Power Clean (135/95) then: 100 box jump overs with EMOM = Hang power snatches (135/95)

WOD – 02-23-2016

ANNOUNCEMENTS * Please clean out all back cubbies by Friday. ** This Friday we will be doing 16.1 at Fenway for all scheduled classes.  If you cannot make it on Friday you can come to Back Bay on Saturday 2/27 and do the workout between 1pm-3pm. Email Molly at Molly@invictusfenway.com if you plan on going to …

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WOD – 02-22-2016

– packed partner workout this weekend!!! WARM-UP EMOM X 12 MIN 1=:15-:30 Hollow body hold 2= 6-8 Single Arm strict press (moderate weight) 3= Ring plank hold STRENGTH 10 min to build to a 1rm Strict shoulder press METCON E3MOM X 6 sets 300M row 8-15 Burpees over row (choose a number you can hit …

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