Athletes, Judges and Heats

CrossFit Fenway is excited to host the second event of the 2011 CrossFit Games Open.  Please see below for the list of athletes, judges, and heats.  We’ll be briefing the movement standards promptly at 1 PM.  Athletes are welcome to arrive at 12 PM to begin warming up.  This is a time priority workout, so we’re going to do our best to maintain the schedule outlined below, with short, 5 minute breaks between heats.  Please contact Eric if you need any additional information.

Heat 1 – 1:15 PM Heat 2 – 1:35 PM
Station Athlete Judge Station Athlete Judge
1) Erika Snyder Alec 1) Mandy Brown Alec
2) Haley Byrnes Chuck Jones 2) Maureen McSwiggin Chuck Jones
3) Dennis Moriconi Joe Masley 3) Brendan Ryan Joe Masley
4) Yosh Stoklosa Crusty 4) Chris Daly Crusty
5) Aaron Landes Jackie Waugh 5) Justin Shaughnessy Jackie Waugh
6) Joe McGhee Ali Minton 6) Edmund Montanari Ali Minton
Heat 3 – 1:55 PM Heat 4 – 2:15 PM
Station Athlete Judge Station Athlete Judge
1) Helen Tu Goose 1) Kristen Hestand Justin Shaughnessy
2) Melissa McManus Justin Wright 2) Amy Justin Wright
3) Lindi Rruka Joe Shamon 3) Brant Hubbard Joe Shamon
4) Pat P. Nick DeDonno 4) Sam Horenstein Nick DeDonno
5) Michael Cahill Jaime Lytle 5) Nathan Jokel Jaime Lytle
6) Ron Marchessault Michelle A. 6) Brian Kinard Michelle A.
Heat 5 – 2:35 PM Heat 6 – 2:55 PM
Station Athlete Judge Station Athlete Judge
1) Jackie Waugh Dennis Moriconi 1) Jaime Lytle Dennis Moriconi
2) Ali Minton Yosh Stoklosa 2) Michelle A. Yosh Stoklosa
3) Alec Aaron Landes 3) Nick DeDonno Aaron Landes
4) Chuck Jones Joe McGhee 4) Joe Shamon Joe McGhee
5) Crusty Erika Snyder 5) Justin Wright Erika Snyder
6) Joe Masley Haley Byrnes 6) James Melberg Haley Byrnes
7) Chris Stellato Melissa McManus
Heat 7 – 3:15 PM
Station Athlete Judge
1) Eric Siegel Aaron Landes
2) Goose Yosh Stoklosa
3) Chris Cunningham Dennis Moriconi
4) Seth Lytle Joe McGhee
5) TJ O’Neil Erika Snyder
6) Peter McIntire Haley Byrnes
7) Anna Israel Melissa McManus