Another Great Weekend

It was a long day Saturday, but well worth it.  CrossFit Fenway sent 5 teams to the CrossFit Newton Team Throwdown, including several first time competitors, as well as a small militia of supporters.  26 teams began the day, but after 2 workouts it was cut to just 12 teams.

CFF comprised 3 of the 12 remaining, with the team of Kyle Eriks, Mary Fergus and Brian Kinard performing well enough in the third workout to move up to a 10th place finish.  Outstanding work from a group relatively new to CrossFit competition.

Aaron, Yosh, and injury fill-in Erica Kroon (Haley suffered a wrist injury during the second workout, and wisely chose to sit out the rest of the competition) did very well, winning the second heat of the third workout, and finishing 6th overall.

Stacey, Joe, and I spent most of the day chasing the leaders.  It came down to the last workout.  Joe and Stacey did about a million deadlifts and wall ball shots, and I did my best to keep us in contention on the muscle-ups.  Wall ball ended up being the determining factor, and thanks in part to advice JT gave me, we pulled out the win.

Thanks to CFN for hosting, and thanks to everyone from CrossFit Fenway for being there, with a special shout out to Jen Kelm for all the great photos.  I think I speak for everyone competing in saying, we couldn’t have performed as well as we did, without our CFF family behind us, yelling like crazy for us to pick it up, and get moving.  Days like Saturday make me so proud to be a part of this community.

January 31, 2011

Strength: Rope Climbing

*Long pants and long socks strongly recommended

3 Rounds:
10 Overhead Squats (135#/95#)
50 Double Unders

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18 thoughts on “Another Great Weekend”

  1. So proud of all of the competitors! I wish I was able to be there cheering you on. CFF members continue to be my biggest inspiration. Much love and congrats!!

  2. WOD: 12:09 30kg. Stacey wanted me to focus on getting low, rather than squatting more weight.

    On a lighter note, I finally got my first kipping pull-up this morning.

  3. Well, the upside of having a bad wrist is that it forces me to work on things I hate..

    10min Amrap
    10 24″ box jumps
    10 pistols (alternating legs)
    6 rounds + 3 reps

    Thanks to everyone who came out this weekend, once again making us the best represented (and loudest) box at the competition.. and a special thanks to Erica for stepping in for me and absolutely killing it!!

    1. We should to do some kind of partner WOD in which we tape ourselves together and you do all the lower body stuff while your wrist heals and I’ll do all the upper body stuff while my stitches heal 🙂

      Awesome job this weekend!

  4. Awesome job to everyone who competed Saturday. that was one of the most intense and impressive things I have ever seen.

    Did not expect rope climbs to come so naturally to me…looks like I finally found something in Crossfit I can excel at.

    WOD 11:40 @35 KG. Not especially thrilled with the weight, but couldn’t stabilize 40 kilos. On the plus side I was able to string together my first 25 double unders of the WOD.

  5. Congrats to everyone who competed on Saturday! I’m jealous and hope to join you all by this summer.

    7:44 w/60kg front squat. Tried 70kg but could not clean it after rope climbs. Forearms and grip were smoked entering the WOD. Those ropes are tougher than they look.

  6. Today I got my booty kicked by the weight! I really struggled to get depth and not sure how many were failed reps. I attempted to go RX- took about 12:00-12:30ish? My only saving grace was mediocre d-unders!~ Jen- so envious of the depth you had today… another thing on my work on this list!
    Thanks Joe for making me stay heavy and struggle through and Haley for cheering me on at the end 🙂

  7. Rope — 1x all the way up, then a frantic “dude, I’m stuck”

    WOD — 14:39 at 30kg. I was kind of dejected seeing the OHS programming, but as usual felt better after getting through it and getting more experience.

    I hope I told all you CFF competitors on Saturday how well you crushed it, but that’s a message worth reiterating!

  8. wod: 8:11 at 20kg. OHS is definitely a dejector. i have to work on keeping my shoulders locked out. the overhead part really sucks for me.

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