Acupuncture at CrossFit Fenway!

A message from Anna Israel:

Hi CrossFitters,

Some of you know me from CrossFit Fenway. I am a professional equestrian, acupuncturist and fitness/body enthusiast. I have been coming to CrossFit Fenway since it opened. You all inspire me with your hard work and dedication. I also hear some of your aches and pains limiting your athletic goals sometimes. I want to blurt out (and sometimes I do) “I can help you.”

I am making a way that I can help you (and a way to spend more time at CFF) by making myself available for acupuncture and tui’na treatments for the month of July. For the month of July, I will be treating patients at CFF on WEDNESDAYS from 2-6pm. Please email me directly to schedule an appointment.

I will be treating CrossFitters and also outside patients (feel free to refer your family and friends). For the people who are curious but potentially afraid of trying it, I will be offering FREE half hour stress relief treatments. (There is limited to availability for this.)

Appointments are $125/hr with a 10% discount for CrossFit Fenway members. I will also be offering a package deal ( 4 treatments for $100/treatment = $400 total)

My website is, and you can reach me at or call me directly at 413-237-1015 to schedule an appointment.

I specialize in sports injuries, muscular and orthopedic issues, and fertility.

– Anna Israel

Here’s another useful link for acupuncture information:
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