About CrossFit Fenway

Why is CrossFit Fenway different?

CrossFit works. Our coaches are CrossFitters, and have seen the results in themselves. They are the models that you can follow to achieving the same incredible results in your own life. Whatever your goals are, we can formulate a plan to get you there.

CrossFit by itself is a revolutionary approach to fitness that’s being used by all ages and all occupations to increase our functional capacity and find the peak expression of our genetic capabilities in an astonishingly efficient and effective manner. All CrossFit facilities are inspired by and guided by the founding site at CrossFit.com. Even so, each CrossFit is different: informed by its coaches and training methods.

CrossFit Fenway is a breed apart even from other CrossFit facilities. CrossFit Fenway is a strong, diverse community that is supportive in a way that is hard to explain. You hear it in the stories people tell about Fenway. You see it in the photos, feel it in the joy that fills the room. To spend time each day feeling the incredible commitment from our coaches and our clients is overwhelming, encouraging, and sustaining.

Some of Fenway's community that gathered to cheer our athletes at a regional competition. (CrossFit Fenway rolls deep.)
Some of Fenway's community that gathered to cheer our athletes at a regional competition. (CrossFit Fenway rolls deep.)
Not only is it effective and supportive, it’s inclusive. We mean it when we say all are welcome – even if you think you can’t possibly do it, can’t possibly keep up, can’t possibly… We say you can. We say anything is possible. And after a few months, we’re pretty sure you’ll see it too. All things are within our reach. We can choose to change; we are each the only ones have the power to choose it.

CrossFit Fenway’s entire operation is geared towards delivering a premium experience to our members, and ensuring that our coaches are always prepared to do so – both now and for the future. Here’s a few ways that we are different.

  • All of our classes are reserved in advance, and kept to small class sizes for very personal instruction.
  • Every WOD is tailored to your capabilities – no one is left behind or overlooked.
  • We are gender neutral facility, and encourage every person to accomplish great things regardless of age, race, gender identity, or gender expression.
  • Our coaches are full-time employees dedicated to making the best experience for you every day!
  • Our programming is unique and particular to this facility.
  • Our facility is fully equipped with everything you need for any CrossFit WOD, every day. We’ll never run out of what you need to WOD.
  • Every coach undergoes extra training in ethical practice considerations, professional boundaries, transgender and survivor issues, in addition to their wealth of CrossFit certifications and related education.

We do all of this because it is vital to us that CrossFit Fenway is welcoming to people that don’t feel comfortable in other gym environments. We are setting a new standard not just for elite fitness results, but a new standard for the fitness industry.