A Valentine’s Day Couplet

Range of motion. Proper form. Every CrossFit day is filled with emphasis on these two key components of our movements. When you set foot in the gym your focus should be on doing the work with the best form possible and with the full range of motion. Doing so will lead to bigger lifts, faster times, and healthier bodies.

There are a number of reasons why these two are important. We all know correct form keeps us from hurting ourselves. It also allows us to maximize our power potential during a strength lift and keeps us going during metcons. Evenly distributing the work throughout our bodies makes it easier and keeps us from burning out. Adhering to the strict range of motion guidelines for each movement means we are doing the full amount of work specified. Over time this will build strength in the movement while reinforcing muscle memory

Remember this when preparing for today’s WOD, a couplet of Rowing and HSPUs. A few tweaks to the ol’ rowing form can lead to huge seconds off our split times. Rowing incorrectly can destroy our stamina in an instant. Listen to the cues and advice we give you when on your rowers. Tight core, drive with the legs, keep the strokes per minute down. It helps, I promise.

HSPUs are a high skill movement requiring a lot of strength. If you do not have RX’d handstand push-ups, the only way to get there is continue building strength through the full press range of motion. If you are up on the wall but using more than one abmat you are restricting the ROM too much to get anything out of it. Ditch the extra abmats, grab some heavy dumbbells, and do strict presses. If you are at the point where you are up on the wall with one or fewer abmats but still struggle with the movement, check your form. Are your hands spaced properly, both apart from each other and from the wall? Are you maintaining hollow position? Stay positive. Use your coaches. HSPUs take time to get proficient at. Just ask Joe and I.

February 14, 2011





3 Rounds

Row 500m


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***No classes at CFF on Monday, February 21 in observance of Presidents Day

9 thoughts on “A Valentine’s Day Couplet”

  1. DL: 65kg but with some actual form!!!

    WOD: 13:59 with 20# dumbbells. and probably 2 minutes to get my last 2 reps in, my left arm was NOT cooperating. thanks for the help stacey!

  2. DL: 100KG. First time getting over 80 kgs without rounding my back hardcore every time

    WOD: 10:10 with 25# dumbbells. would have gone heavier but shoulders still fatigued from all the pushups last week

    also good blog post aaron. Very informative

  3. DL — 90kg, true PR (in that they were sets of 3 and not 3 single reps)

    WOD — 16:47…first round with 30# DBs and subsequent rounds with 25# DBs and a few good primal roars.

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