A Long Way to Go

During Wednesday’s AMRAP you’ve got to move yourself, or the weight about as far as possible for each rep.  Burpees are the bodyweight movement with the longest range of motion.  From your chest and thighs touching the ground, to full hip extension, leaping in the air.  The only way for a burpee to cover a greater distance is by combining it with another movement (burpee-muscle-ups anyone?  Maybe next week).

Taking a weight from the floor to full extension overhead is the longest range of motion we can put an object through without throwing it.  Whether you choose to snatch the dumbbells, or clean and jerk them, this is one sucky movement.  Fitting that it could play a deciding role at Regionals in determining who goes to the CrossFit Games.  Performing this movement with dumbbells instead of a barbell, or another single object is like performing pistols instead of air squats if you could somehow experience the instability of pistols on both legs simultaneously.  It’s an added challenge while you’re trying to cover the distance of your fully extended self.

Yes, both of these movements require you to go a long way for every repetition, but the workout’s short, the weight’s light, and there’s no reason to stop.  Let’s see PRs on the back squat, and lots of rounds on the AMRAP tomorrow.

June 1, 2011
Strength: Back Squat 3-3-2-2-1-1-1-1

8 Burpees
8 Dumbbell Ground-to-Overhead (20%-25% bodyweight per hand)

3rd Annual Navy SEAL Memorial Challenge – AKA “Murph Day 2011

In honor of Medal of Honor recipient Lieutenant Michael Murphy and all fallen veterans, CrossFit Fenway joins Windy City CrossFit, SEALFit and other gyms nationwide to host “Murph Day 2011″ at 9 AM on Saturday, June 4th.   Proceeds will go to the Navy SEAL Foundation.  Any size donation is required to participate, and this event will be open to donations from supporters and spectators as well.  All donations are tax-deductible, please donate online, direct your donation toward the “Navy SEAL Memorial Challenge” and specify CrossFit Fenway in the comment section.  E-mail Eric if you’d like to participate in the workout and be sure to bring your receipt as it will serve as your ticket to compete. This is a fantastic event for a great cause, so please do everything you can to get friends, family, and the greater community involved!

Support the Team!

Regionals are right around the corner, and the CrossFit Fenway team is training hard, readying themselves to represent our box against the best athletes the Northeast has to offer.  Be there to support our athletes Friday, June 17th, Saturday, June 18th, and Sunday, June 19th at Reebok World Headquarters in Canton, MA.

18 thoughts on “A Long Way to Go”

  1. HBBS: 63kg pr – which is surprising after the ridiculous amount of air squats i’ve done in the last few days

    WOD: 5+1 with 20# DB…just under 20% of body weight.

  2. HBBS: 110kg
    WOD: 4+5 with 40# DB – just under 20% body weight

    So yeah, 30-day Paleo challenge complete. While I was a tiny bit disappointed with only lost 5 lbs. while giving up a bunch of delicious foods, knowing that it looks like I lost a lot of fat and gained muscle during the month help soften the blow. Stats are follows:
    Weight: down 5 lbs.
    Waist: lost 1.5″
    Body fat %: down 4.5 percentage points

    Overall, I’m pretty happy with the results, and I’m feeling stronger. I’ve committed to another 30 days, but this time, I get occasional cheat days (once a week). Looking forward to see where this takes me over the next month.

    And a special thanks to Coach Stacey and Christina for critiquing and guiding my diet over the past month and giving me suggestions on way to prepare healthy, paleo-friendly foods.

    God, I LOVE this place.

    1. Dude, those are AWESOME results. 1.5″ off your waist after 30 days? 4.5% less body fat? Weight loss almost doesn’t matter with results like those…congrats man.

    2. That’s very impressive, especially considering how short a time period 30 days really is! Kudos to you for having the discipline to do this.

    3. Good stuff Congratulations, Scott! Looks like this stuff works.

      I also would like to point out something to you:
      1 month = down 4.5% body fat
      1 month = down 1.5″
      1 month = down 5 pounds
      Do it for 4 months, and you have revolutionarily changed your body. 6 inches, 20#, and even just 15% body fat would be a complete resculpting.

      My point is this: maybe it’s not so smart to screw with what is working. This works exceptionally well. Why add cheat days that might make it work less well?

  3. 65 kg

    5 rounds + 1 w 25 lb db’s, including a last super-burpee completed with the db’s still in my hands.

    Great job Scott, those numbers are inspiring!

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