A Familiar Object, a Movement You Know, and a Twist

Almost all of you have had a chance to play with one of our kettlebells, and most of you have had a chance to work on the snatch.  On Wednesday we’re putting the two together in our conditioning workout for single arm kettlebell snatches.  It’s still a snatch, so a tight back, loose arms, and explosive hip extension are key, you’re just going to have to do it one arm at a time. Sometimes different is fun, so maybe the snatches will be a nice break from the toes to bar and burpees… or not.

September 15th, 2010

Strength: Low Bar Back Squat 5-5-5-5-5


4 Rounds:
12 Kettlebell Snatches, 6 per Arm (24kg/16kg)
12 Toes to Bar
12 Burpees


Our resident exposers of the sexy, the Saint Clair’s are hosting another awesome breakfast Sunday, September 19th at 11 AM.  RSVP here by Friday the 17th, to enjoy good food and good company, hanging out with friends from CrossFit Boston and CrossFit Southie.

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The Sox are still away Wednesday, so free parking is available in the lot around CFF all day.

21 thoughts on “A Familiar Object, a Movement You Know, and a Twist”

  1. Had a meeting at lunch so went early morning and I dunno how you guys do that so early..

    WOD:14:11 (subbed a 55lb dumbell for KB since I dont have that weight)
    Strength: Low bar Back Squat 5 rep max 295 lbs/134 kg

  2. Well that hurt worse than a failed marriage proposal. Form on the KB snatches was awful, which resulted in some sweet tears which slowed the shit out of toes to bar. WOD was as frustrating as pasties at a strip club. 9:25 Rx

    LBBS: 130kg

  3. LBBS: 110kg
    WOD: 12:20 Rx

    I don’t have a clever simile to describe today’s WOD like Justin, but I will say that the KB snatches got a lot easier by round 3 when I got the form down. I’m looking forward to seeing these again.

  4. LBBS- 90kg … got 95 for 3 but then had to bail

    WOD- 8:58, 16kg kb (tried to scale up to 20kg, but my left arm wouldn’t let me) and i had to sub 20 sit ups for the toes to bar because my hands are still torn to shreds from murph. next time!

  5. LBBS – 90kg. I just wanna be Haley when I grow up.
    WOD – 13:34 as Rx’d. I coulda gone faster on those burpees – this is one where a bit more push would have helped.

    I made a rare morning appearance today to work out with Mr. Cahill (aka Michael), who is in town for a one-day-only guest appearance before resuming his road trip.

  6. draggin’ ass this a.m. need to get more sleep…
    i hope we do LBBS again soon. only did 100kg. i’m actually kinda pissed i didn’t go heavier.

    BUT we did come up with some cool shirt ideas:

    “i heart snatches”
    “best snatch in town”

    WOD 11:25 – not Rx.

    1. Obviously you guys had way too much fun at 6:30 today. And I would enthusiastically wear a snatch-themed t-shirt.

      LBBS: 60kg, got 2 at 65
      WOD: 10:44 with 25lb dumbbell. The KB snatch was way too complicated for me.

      1. you guys being crossfit fenway and all should add another lady of your own creation and call it Caroline….. then do a shirt design with that on it

  7. LBBS: 115kg – Felt good today.
    WOD: 10:50 with 16kg. This was too light, but the 24 felt too heavy. Should have done the 20. Really need to work on Toes to Bar as well.

  8. LBBS: 130kg, need to start PR’ing more often, getting lazy in the back room

    WOD: 9:34rx

    Finally, I beat Justin in a WOD since i’ve been back from Greece, and I have to thank Yosh, Eric and JT for kicking my ass during the wod.

  9. LBBS: 110kg 5 rep PR. Felt good

    WOD: RX’ed but a slow 17:13. Surprisingly the toes to bar slowed me down the most with a few missed reps.

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