A 90% Effort

We’re not asking you to dial down the intensity for Monday’s workout, but the prescription calls for 90% of your best single effort deadlift.  If while testing the weight for the metcon you can’t pull it with great form you’re going to be asked to go lighter.  Your coaches are looking out for you, so don’t be surprised when this happens.  With any movement, in any workout, if you can’t do it right when you’re fresh, how can you expect to execute properly when the clock is moving, the adrenaline’s flowing, and you’re getting progressively more worn down?  Besides, you don’t want to spend the holiday banged up, especially if you have any distance to travel.  Proceed intelligently, and give 100% as you pick up 90% eight times.

Sam "Beast Mode" Horenstein

November 22, 2010

Strength: Max Height Box Jumps

Row 500m
2 Deadlifts @ 90% of 1RM
Run 400m
2 Deadlifts
50 Lateral Jumps Over Barbell
2 Deadlifts
50 Jumping Pull-ups
2 Deadlifts
25 Burpees

CrossFit Fenway will be closed Thursday, November 25th, and Friday, November 26th.  No invasion Saturday, November 27th.

32 thoughts on “A 90% Effort”

  1. 9:59 @ 75kg.

    I couldn’t find my 1RM in the mess that is my notebook, and looking back probably should have gone heavier. Loved this WOD; there’s something really fun about jumping pull-ups.

    1. i agree, the jumping pullups were kinda fun. but the cold air during the run outside? not so much.

      MHBJ – 35″ (matched old PR w/o wiping out flat on my ass this time, i.e. improved coordination – thanks for the new approach, Sandon)

      WOD – 12:52 @ 105kg (you know what, i’m retracting my claim on my first Rx on this one – ‘cuz technically this was only about 87% and my current 1RM DL really isn’t where it should be anyway…)

        1. Haley let me work in my warm-up sets on her bar while she was loading it, since I had grabbed a fully-loaded bar from the previous class. I joked about trading bars for the WOD. Then she picked mine up.

          Haley = strong

      1. You’re my hero! I haven’t been able to beat my PR in DL in a long time! You’re going to have to give me some pointers!

  2. WOD: 14:47 with 142kg …. its uscks cause we gotta run across the gym to get to the treadmills or outside or rower… but I used 142kg as my one rep max from last time but then after the WOD did a 5 rep max with it so I decided to find my new one rep max and it was 183 kg so that is a new PR for me

  3. Thanks to the noon class for letting me hop in. Great job by everyone jumping high, and crushing it.

    Max Height Box Jump = 48″ from dead start
    WOD = 7:33 RX’d @ 154kg

  4. 45″ Box Jump. 6″ higher than the last time we did this.
    WOD: 9:37 @ 120kg.

    2 minutes max double unders for warm up.
    Round 1 = 156
    Rest 2 minutes
    Round 2 = 114

  5. 24″ PR! Never had jumped the taller box at all and then added! 10:24 WOD. So impressed by everyones jumping! I can’t believe how high everyone was going! Blows my mind!

  6. 45″ PR — that was fun, never did it before
    8:32 @ 100kg. Probably should’ve used more weight, but it’s a definite improvement for me.

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