Month: November 2011


One of the tougher things to do in crossfit is stay focused and keep good form and technique when we are tired.  Although today’s Wod is programmed light, don’t muscle through the 21’s and find yourself fatigued and snatching poorly through the sets of 15 and 9.  It is sometimes mentally easier to rip the …

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Push Hard

While our Tuesday workout looks pretty basic at first glance, it is generally those workouts that end up being the hardest.  We are doing high rep front squats, and an 8 minute, burner of an AMRAP.  While 8 minutes doesn’t seem as daunting as a long hero workout or chipper, this is a time domain …

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Goal Setting

Goal setting is essential to keeping us motivated, and achieving our goals is a sign of our hard work and dedication.  While peoples’ goals may range from achieving their first pull up or muscle up, shaving time off of their 5k, or just looking better in that new pair of jeans, there are more attainable …

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Once you complete Karen you are fully allowed to embrace the holiday spirit and be thankful you don’t have a medicine ball in your hands

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