Month: June 2010


Wednesday’s 12 PM class is now open to all members, no reservation required, just show up and get after it. Regularly scheduled evening classes are canceled on Wednesday for the Olympic Weightlifting seminar. If you’re coming to CrossFit Fenway in the evening on Wednesday please be aware that we have no parking available.

Skill Work

Crossfit utilizes a ton of different movements and most of them transfer over to help improve other movements.  For example improving your back squat will make you a better runner.  However there are some movements that require focused effort and practice to make them efficient and consistent.  Pistols would fall under the “skill” category.  Not only do …

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Cindy or Mary

For today’s workout you get to choose between doing Mary or Cindy.  We have been practicing handstand push ups all week to prepare you for Mary, however if you just got your kipping pull up Cindy would also be a great challenge.  Regardless if you choose Mary or Cindy, you will be working for 20 …

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Strength Day

Today we will be getting under the bar and seeing just how much weight we can back squat.  Take your time and remember not to rush the sets.  Rest time is very important in recovery especially as the weight gets heavier every time.  The rep scheme is 5-5-3-3-1-1-1.  Consider the 5 reps warm up.  Start …

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