Month: March 2010

Spring into Action

In case you didn’t notice (and honestly, who could blame you with all the rain) spring started.  You’ve all been doing such a great job, so we wanted to kick off April with a real challenge, and didn’t want to wait until Friday to throw down the gauntlet.  Tomorrow we’re going to warm you up …

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Why Are You Here?

It’s a direct, and important question that we have posed to all of you.  For some there is a specific reason, with a defined goal.  For others it is more a more general feeling surrounding this place, and what you accomplish here.  I know I’m here because of all of you, and how fired up …

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March 30th, 2010

Just the facts tonight.  Back to normal soon. March 30th, 2010 Skill: CrossFit Warm Up Strength: Overhead Squat 2-2-2-2-2-2 WOD: 5 minutes of rowing for distance 2 minutes rest 5 minutes AMRAP: 5 pull-ups 10 jumping squats

CrossFit Warm Up

This week for skill work we’re going to be doing the official CrossFit warm up.  It includes pull-ups, dips, and overhead squats, as well as core strengthening exercises.  The CrossFit warm up is a great way to develop strength and improve technique while also preparing for the rest of the day’s workout.  As you can …

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Invasion 3/27

No fancy title.  No frills post.  Meet at the corner of Summit Avenue and Beacon Street in Brookline at 10 AM tomorrow morning, wearing your CrossFit Fenway t-shirt for an invasion workout.

Fight Gone Bad

It’s the workout that got its name by putting UFC Lightweight Champion B.J. Penn on his butt.  We applied the structure of this time priority suckfest to a creation of our own back in January, but tomorrow is the real deal.  300 is a great score to shoot for (that’s 20 reps per exercise, per …

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Virtuosity in Lifting

In CrossFit we define virtuosity as doing the common uncommonly well.  We are always working to have more efficient, perfect form even in the simplest of movements.  There is nothing more common than picking something heavy up off the ground, and tomorrow we’re going to work on being even better at it.  The goal of …

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More Oly!

Today we cleaned and jerked, tomorrow we snatch!  As I said in yesterday’s blog post, you guys have been making some solid progress on the Olympic lifts, and you didn’t disappoint today.  We’re going to keep the good times rolling, and give you all a chance to see what you can do with the snatch.  …

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Making Progress

In CrossFit we measure progress towards improved fitness with scores in workouts.  We’re always striving to move more weight, do more reps, or go faster.  All the data we record is observable, measurable progress.  At the same time we may also notice progress in ourselves that is less apparent in the numbers.  There is a …

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