Month: January 2010


Tomorrow morning at we will be holding another invasion.  Open to all members, meet at 9 AM at CrossFit Fenway.  Bring layers, there will be at least some outdoor element.


I asked for it and you delivered.  Stacey and I know a couple skills you’d like to work on (handstands and rings) and they will be coming.  In order to obtain this valuable information we asked a lot of you face to face.  I may be the one writing this mess, but the blog is …

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Different is Fun

Change is good.  Constantly varied is one of the 3 terms used to answer the question “what is CrossFit?”.  When a workout has a movement not typically found in CrossFit it sucks a little less, and can even become more fun than work.  Flipping tires, swinging a sledge, or handling oddly shaped objects are all …

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A lot of skills tomorrow.  We have more med ball cleans, work on the rings, and pistols, before getting into a nice little couplet.  What skills do you want to work on?  Is there something we haven’t gone over yet that you’d like us to touch on?  Is there something we’ve done that you’d like …

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Working with Jerks

Tomorrow we will be working with jerks all day long.  You may be wondering how this is different from any other day, but I’m talking about putting things overhead.  Like the other Olympic lifts, the jerk is an explosive exercise.  An object is moved from the shoulders to a locked-arm position overhead in a single …

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Happy New Year

What are your goals for 2010?  Do you want to learn kipping pull-ups, like Eric P. did last week?  Do you want to pick up something heavy, or put something heavy overhead?  Maybe you just want to reduce stress and be healthier overall.  Whatever the goal let us know, because we want to work with …

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