Month: January 2010

Applied Knowledge

Over the past few weeks we’ve worked on rolling, hand balancing, pressing, and various static holds.  This week we’re going to take what we’ve practiced and apply it to developing handstands.  Practicing handstands will not only improve strength (want bigger numbers in the overhead barbell movements?), but it will also improve spatial awareness, a key to …

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Indoor Invasion

I don’t have the heart to put you all out in the cold, even though I know you’d all gladly subject yourselves to more hill sprints. Meet tomorrow at CrossFit Fenway at 10 AM to jump start your weekend.

Week Well Done

This has been a great week at CrossFit Fenway.  All of our members keep showing up and kicking ass every day.  From Kevin getting his first muscle-up, to Ty deadlifting more than one barbell ordinarily holds through conventional methods, and everyone in between, great job.  All of you are what CrossFit Fenway is all about. …

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Getting Technical

We’re going to be working on two very technical movements tomorrow.  The muscle-up and the overhead squat each require a great deal of focus, not to mention core to extremity strength, to be executed.  We don’t want to be accused of making anyone think too hard, so we have a nice monostructural suck-fest to end …

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CrossFit Total

It’s a test, and it’s designed to measure what’s there, not create something that’s not. That’s what training is for. – Mark Rippetoe from the CrossFit Journal Article explaining the CrossFit Total The CrossFit Total consists of warming up and then making three attempts of a single rep in the back squat, shoulder press, and …

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The muscle-up is a movement that takes the athlete from a position under an object, pulling up, to a position above that same object, pushing down.  We began practicing the parts and pieces to put together a muscle-up on the rings on Monday, and will continue working on the progression throughout the week.  The muscle-up’s …

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Yesterday Stacey, Erica Kroon, Patrick Cummings, and I participated in the Winter Mixer at Cynergy Crossfit in Hanson, MA, representing CrossFit Fenway.  We had a lot of fun, and Stacey took home some hardware, placing second among all female competitors.  Check out Cynergy’s website for photos of the great day, full of hanging out with …

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Do you drive here?  Aside from it being totally awesome that we DO have parking (until baseball season 🙁 ). are we a destination gym for you?  Have you ever thought of carpooling here with a neighbor?  If the thought has crossed your mind, post which part of town you live in the comments below.  …

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Invading the State House

Stacey and Eric are out competing this weekend at the Cynergy CrossFit Winter Mixer… that means JT is running the show for Invasion! Read this for all the details on Saturday’s excursion, starting at 10am near the Commons!


For Friday’s WOD we have more fun with time priority.  Nicole includes a 400 meter run and pull-ups for max reps in each round.  The listed goal of this workout is to complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes, but also note the number of pull-ups completed for each round.  Are we looking …

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