Month: December 2009

New Year’s Eve WOD

We will be running one workout tomorrow morning at 9 AM open to all members, after which we will be closed for the weekend, resuming normal hours Monday, January 4th. As always, tomorrow’s workout will be available as RX’d or scaled as needed, so everyone can find their own personal intensity level.  And the workout …

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Okay, I was going to talk about how today we practiced deadlift technique, working towards a 5 rep max, and tomorrow we will be taking what we learned today and applying it to a metcon used during the 2008 CrossFit Games that includes deadlifts.  However, I saw an ad that I had to talk about. …

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Picking Up Heavy Stuff

Tomorrow we deadlift.  Probably my favorite lift, because there’s nothing more fun, or more functional than picking up some really big weight.  Think about it, with proper technique to safely execute heavy deadlifts you are training your body to pick up all kinds of stuff outside the gym.  Whether it’s making day-to-day tasks easier (stuff …

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We’ve had a bunch of requests to work on kipping pull-ups (the default pull-up of CrossFit), so this week we’re going to work on it a little bit every day.  In CrossFit we’re all about efficiency and maximizing our output.  The kipping pull-up allows us to travel through a range of motion – from arms fully …

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Happy Holidays

Thanks to our members and new friends from other affiliates who showed up for the Festive Fifty this morning.  Great work by all.  CrossFit Fenway would like to wish everyone happy, safe, and fit holidays.  See you Monday.

Festive Fifty

Okay, so it’s really just the Filthy Fifty in a Santa hat, but it’ll still be a great way to start your holiday.  A test of fitness and memory.  Join us tomorrow morning at 10 AM for the Festive Fifty. Festive (Filthy) Fifty 50 Box Jumps 50 Jumping Pull-ups 50 Kettlebell Swings 50 Walking Lunges …

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Olympic Weightlifting

The jerk.  The third in the trilogy of rack to overhead movements.  How can we get the weight from the floor to the rack position?  The clean.  This will be our first taste of Olympic Weightlifting.  Enjoy. REMINDER: No regularly scheduled classes the remainder of the week.  We will be hosting the Festive Fifty Thursday …

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As of this post there will be no more outside shoes allowed on the gym floor.  Please take off your snowy, slushy, salty shoes when you walk in the door, so as not to track snow, slush, and salt onto the floor where you will be working out.  Please plan accordingly to have alternative footwear. …

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Contrary to popular belief Izumi Tabata’s training protocol, consisting of intervals of 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest is not an all out sprint.  CrossFit Tabata workouts are usually scored by either the lowest number of repetitions completed during a single work interval or by the total of all repetitions completed during all …

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