100 in 100

100_1097At CrossFit Fenway we have two goals that go hand in hand:122909-5463

  1. Provide access to and motivation towards elite fitness.
  2. Foster an open, encouraging community with a good-natured, competitive spirit.

Many of you may sign up with the first goal in mind, but it’s the second goal that really makes the CrossFit Fenway community what we are.  The people inspire us to work harder, give us a little extra push when we need it most, and make us smile and laugh.  By joining us you have chosen to commit and contribute to improving your self as well as those around you.

As I mentioned yesterday, we want to make our big, happy family even bigger and happier.  We’re trying to grow to 100 members in our first 100 days of existence.  We need less than 30 members by March 15th to reach our goal.  Bring a buddy to an invasion, pass our contact info to co-workers, and tell your friends and family about how much fun you’re having and how much progress you’re making.  Not only will you get more CrossFitters to share stories and smack talk with, but there is also a referral bonus and I think JT may have something special planned for when we reach our goal.100_0735

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