100 Burpee Challenge

SCS_CFF_042110-4035It started with Haley and Dennis, then Stacey jumped in.  On Wednesday the entire noon class did their buy in burpees, and I did mine too.  The 100 Burpee Challenge is on!

You may be wondering, how this challenge works. Well, on day 1, do 1 burpee.  On day 2, do 2 burpees.  On day 3, do 3 burpees, and so on, up to 100 burpees on day 100.  Here’s the catch though, burpees done as part of a workout, class, or just for extra fun, don’t count towards your total, and if you miss a day you must make it up the next day in addition to that day’s required burpees.  Pretty straight forward.  I also suggest doing each day’s worth of burpees all at once.  This challenge will make you better at burpees, and should make them suck at least a little less.

As you can see from the photo, Wednesday was day 6, so it cost 21 burpees to get started today (1+2+3+4+5+6=21), and it will be 28 to start on Thursday.  Now’s a great time to hop in, and take on this challenge with your friends at CrossFit Fenway.IMG_0261

June 3rd, 2010

Dot Drill
Tabata hollow holds
Push-up plank holds

Strength: Push Jerk 3-3-3-3-3

7 Pull-ups
7 Push-ups
7 Box jumps (24″/20″)

The Red Sox and Athletics are playing a getaway game Thursday afternoon, so there will be no parking for sure during the noon class, and it could be sketchy in the evening, depending on how long the game goes.

18 thoughts on “100 Burpee Challenge”

  1. I gave Haley and Stacey my word on Tuesday that I’d be in as well. I played catch-up yesterday (15). Did my 6 today! Oh, I hope I can get to 100. *gulp* I think I can, I think I can….. -K

  2. I am confused.

    If I wish to reserve a CrossFit Workout Session, but have no interest in a Massage, how is that represented in Scheduling?

    Per the Schedule {Operating Hours – Scheduling}, am I reserving time for a Massage, or for a Workout?

    1. Hey Mark,

      It should be pretty obvious: the Gray “All Levels” slots that you’ve always used to sign up for classes are still classes. The purple slots marked “Massage” are for a massage. Are you not seeing the “All Levels” class slots?

      1. Hi,
        I had trouble with this too. At the top of the scheduling page there is a line that says “View By”. Change “All Classes” to “All Levels” and that should take care of it. -Lesley

        1. Thanks, Lesley. You are the best!

          It is definitely misleading. You would expect ‘All Classes’ to represent either *all* or *classes*, and not just the Massage sessions in the evening. I do at least have a workaround now. I appreciate it!

  3. I have a question regarding the daily strength component. Are you using the same weight across each each set or increasing to your 3RM by the last set? Does this go for all daily strength workouts? Thanks.

    1. We have been gradually increasing the weight to your 3RM by the last set (or whatever rep scheme the last set it)

  4. Push jerk: 55kg

    WOD: 8 rounds + 3 pullups

    I hope everybody is as excited about all these burpees as I am!! Sandon, are you REALLY gonna turn your back on all of this fun?

    1. Wait, you snuck in 3 pull ups on that last round?

      Haley and I were head-to-head the whole workout, but I only got 2 pull ups before the buzzer.

      Push jerk: 70kg

      1. well it’s a little easier when you’re doing assisted pull ups 🙂

        …one day I’ll be doing them Rx (hopefully!!)

  5. So I saw the workout, thought it would be fun, and couldn’t resist the urge. Went to a local park and did pullups on the monkey bars and box jumps on the park bench, which PROBABLY wasn’t 24″. 11 rounds plus 7 pullups.
    PS- I take NO credit for this burpee challenge because it was all Haley’s terrible idea. I was dragged into it. Sandon, you’re a smart man, stay away. Now excuse me, I have a couple of burpees to do.

  6. 95 kg push jerk
    11 rd @ rx, plus 7 pull-ups

    def want to thank justin and ed for setting some big benchmarks, if i didn’t see their rounds – i would have given up at 8rounds… one of the advantages of working out at night 😉

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