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Invictus Fitness offers a wide variety of classes, taught by top coaches in the industry, specifically designed to help you reach your goals safely and efficiently. Through high-intensity group workouts, weightlifting, mobility, gymnastics, and nutrition consultation, Invictus Fitness offers a challenging and exciting workout for everyone, from beginners to seasoned athletes.

WOD – Saturday, January 27th 2018

END WOD 800m run 50 medball cleans 40 weighted box steo overs 30 box jumps 40/35 cal row 800m run CORE 3×1 min plank WOD 100 wallballs 80 kb swing 70/53 60 squat clean 135/95 40 t2b 20 DB snatch

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WOD – Thursday, January 25th 2018

Warm-Up 3 Rounds 1 min row 1 lap walking lunge 10 pushups Strength 4 Sets Bulgarian Split Squats x 8 each leg (31×1)  – add weight from last week Ring Dips x 8-12 – use weight if needed WOD “Fortitude”

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